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Classified Section

Hey DJ Most of us have lots of parts that we don't need anymore or are looking for. I have a mini ITX brand new with power supply a Roomba and a Rovio that I was going to put on ebay. I didn't want to take up space selling something with out asking first. Can we have a classified section on the forum? Just a thought.


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We had accepted items for sale in posts in the past but it became quite a nightmare. Users would email us with issues about the buyer/seller/etc. and took a great deal of our resources. We don't have enough internal resources to spend resolving buyer/seller issues, as that's not our business:) ... Even with a disclaimer, people still used the Contact Us form to get us involved in the transaction.

Due to that, we had no choice but to place a ban on classified sales.

Perhaps we can create a section for people to post Kijiji, Craigslist links for items that they are selling? That might be a good alternative to us managing the transaction and sale.

We'll talk about it and see what we can come up with:)
I think that you will find that the people in this forum are Honest. It would come from outside the forum, I think.
The regular participants in the forum, who want to keep their good reputation would probably be honest, but there are likely several thousand lurkers who read the forum but don't regularly participate.

I like DJ's idea of allowing links to sales vs having the transactions occur here given their current staffing. Let someone else deal with the customer service headaches of moderating private sales.

Yes just linking and the sale taking place somewhere else makes sense. Besides these days PayPal will let a buyer dispute a sale for anything.