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South Africa

Great to hear and also you were the third person to order after me i ordered the developer kit

My number order was 6-4666


does this mean thats as soon ez chips we are whit the first?

United Kingdom

Nope, no revolution robots have shipped yet so the whole backlog since last year is to be shipped before yours. I doubt it'll be that long a delay if they are mass producing them though.

Funny, I was looking at JD the other day but I think I'll hold off until the backlog is cleared and I've had plenty of time to play with Six first.


I ordered my Roli last Year... Sept 19th 2013.... You'll probably be back of the line as the earlier orders (like mine) will be filled and shipped first.... nomad18.08.... You know the store has been open for almost a year now... That means a lot of JDs are a head of yours...Still, hopefully you won't have to wait too long as what Rich says mass production should hopefully make short work of the backlog......


they start chipping in july. whits is the date thats on the purchase page says. ez will do mass produce i gess,the backlog chall soon be els you gonna , do all those orders.


When I ordered mine back in Sept 2013, we were told we would have them under our Christmas tree last year... You know all about the delays and we are all still waiting on JD, Roli and Six to ship...


well i hope you are cant delay forever. for molding a part in mass production,it takes about 30 sec per part. thats 136 parts a day.for one chape/form. most factory's does more then one chape/form at same time. just trying to calm me down.hahaha

South Africa

for however ordered the developer kits do you now when it will be shipped ordered my one yesterday


They should start shipping in a couple of weeks I would think. The plan was to have them go out by the end of the month. That would be if there are absolutely no issues at all, but with technology this new, I am preparing myself for a couple of week delay.


You're right @d.cochran... I was fortunate enough to get one of the 100 made in Canada ezbs just recently... I promise you it's the real deal... we all still need to be patient.... This product will absolutely blow you away at what it can do...

Cheers Richard

United Kingdom

They will provide us with an update soon.

A lot of parts were received by EZ-Robots earlier in the week, they are so close now it wont be long before the orders start flying out.

Revolution robots have been set for July for a while, it may be the end of July but so far there has been nothing mentioned about further delays. They will tell us of any delays I am sure.

So close I can almost taste my six:)

United Kingdom

As predicted, check your inbox for a shipping update:)


Gonna be some long nights at EZ-Robot getting all of these orders out. Great problems to have, but I can appreciate all of the hard work they have put in and all of the hard work that they are about to put in. "Keep Calm and Ship EZ-Robots" shirts should be made.


make a t-shirt whit six in front ,and on the back slogan . i feel sixy haha


@Nomad Lol, that's pretty funny!


still thinking what slogan to use for jd and rolli.

maybe this one-let the good times rolli:D


Yeah, can't wait! Mine says it's processing order 11-3747. I let the magic smoke out of my V3 and have lots of ideas that have been gestating for a few months overdue.




just went from 1 to 2 second to go chipping.:D