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Cheap Robot Base

I found this is up for sale for anyone interested. It looks like a nice start on a small robot base.
Ebay link

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Cool , looks like they are like 50 bucks new. For sure a good platform to work off of!
Hey that's nice. If I had not just spent all my mad money on other stuff I would have snatched this up. Oh well....
Other things that look like they would make neat robot platforms are some of the shop vacs that you see at places like LOWES and Home Depot.
Rgordon yeah I remember somebody did that here and it looked real good. I dont remember who though.
After looking at this again, it looks like you could take off the top part and use it as a chest piece on a larger bot. The wheel fenders could be the shoulder area.
Cool idea Troy. Yeah, whenever I go into any store I am always looking for items that have could serve as cool pieces on a robot. "Robot potential" is what I call it. LOL. Lots of everyday items in stores have neat features that can be adapted for use. Why re-invent the wheel, so to speak?
Here is an idea...maybe we should start a thread where members are suggested to carry cameras when they go shopping and take pictures of items that may have robot potential. This may serve as inspiration to others for their robot designs. When you post the photo you can make a brief comment on where you saw it and what you think it might be good for or how it could be used on a bot to beautify it. If we pool our collective imaginations who knows what may happen....
Sounds like an idea. I'm always open to ideas.