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Cheap R2d2 Robots For Ez-Robot Hacks

Hey guys. I have here four R2D2 Interactive Robots that are defective one way or another, I don't know the exact issues so im just going to state their physical condition. I bought these for hacking but i've moved on to other projects so i want to offer them here as they are excellent for hacking with EZ-Robot.

User-inserted image

From left to right:

No.1 Worn a bit, missing both doors, left arm detached (doesn't matter if you're going to mod and attach arm servo anyway). $25 + s/h
No.2 Very Good condition overall. $40 + s/h
No.3 Very Good condition, missing one door. $32 + s/h
No.4 Very Good condition overall. $40 + s/h

If anyone is interested in grabbing one or two, let me know which No. and your email and I will contact you to figure out s/h costs. If you don't have an EZ-Robot kit or EZ-B boards yet and want to purchase one, I have some available and I will combine shipping.

Best of luck,


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I'll take #2

Edit ** If shipping is decent I may take #4 as well **
Lumpy...Thanks for the interest but I'm not sure about s/h out of the U.S., im worrying about them getting bang up in shipping, especially the arms can snap off easily. I'll see what shipping come out to be but i don't think rate are cheap anywhere internationally. I need to find a box big enough for two plus padding materials.
Still cheaper than trying to get one off E-Bay. I've had no luck, everyone is too
scared to ship to Canada.

The goal is to keep the box size minimal but with sufficient padding.

I had a Wall-E shipped up here for $15. Can't see (1) R2 being too much more.
Just needs to go regular post, nothing special.
I just ran some dimensions through USPS.

A 24"Lx16"Hx16"W box via Priority International is only $30.90 to Canada.

I'm sure this is doable.
Alright i'll see what i can do once i find a proper box.
@Lumpy Yah, I often wonder why shipping just across the border causes so much hassle and cost. It's not like our UPS trucks are pulled by sled dogs... all the time:D

You live anywhere near the border? I'm close enough to start considering these USA shipping companies, where I have an item shipped to them and I just pop across the border to pick it up.

@Louis_T If I hadn't just blew my budget on a RAD I would love one... perhaps later if you still have any remaining.

You have extra EZ-B? How much?
Lame. I want no. 4 come on lumpy. You have a legit artoo as well, be cool man.....
I'll give up #4 as long as i can get #2 shipped.

Ive been trying to get one of these for so long.
@Lumpy, found out s/h via Priority Mail International is $36.62 for just 1 R2D2. i found a box just the right size, not too big and still have space left for packaging materials. Let me know if you want it. I ship to Canada a lot, just not big stuff, too much hassle with packaging and risk of damaging at times. I'll do it for EZ community though just to see how these get hacked up with EZ-B:)

@hoolagen1...shipping is around $15 for you, let me know if you want it.

@Gunner...I sell EZ-Robot kits so yes i always have extra kits, boards, and accessories :). You can get them at aprohobbies.com if you are looking for in-state shipping, and I'm offering free shipping right now for USA orders:)
Let's go with the one R2-D2.

Drop me a PM and I'll fire off PayPal to you ASAP.
I don't think you can PM here, contact me thru aprohobbies.com if you will and i'll get in touch with you? Thanks.
Sounds good. I'll drop you an e-mail once I get home from work.
#2 is departing to Lumpy's lab, you're in good hand:)

Anyone care for the rest of the fleet?

PayPal sent. Thanks again!
Thanks man, can't wait to see your project!
Thanks guys! Number 4, 40 plus 15 correct? I'll do PayPal too.

Had a member wanted all three but im still waiting to hear from you, would rather just part all of them at once, hate packing these guys:)

Correction: guy wanted #3 but he forgot to put # in front so i thought he wanted three...haha, still let me know if you still want #4. Thanks.

Shipped yours out yesterday, wasn't so bad, hope you'll get him soon:)
Shipped yours out yesterday, wasn't so bad, hope you'll get him soon Smile

Awesome! Tracking it. I see it traveling through Texas now.

Now if I could get someone to re-direct a Brookstone Rover my way!:D ;)

I can offer Canadian snow in exchange!
P.S. Your welcome Hoolagen1! :D :D
omg my bad 12 hrs days at work, im on it and thanks guys

love this forum.
oh f me im pretty drunk. how do i private msg someone?
hahaha...you can't pm here, contact me thru at aprohobbies.com and I will get in touch with you. You are def. not drunk:)
I take it that no one else want these? still have 3 available, going on eBay then:)
Got mine in yesterday! My little guy was so happy and excited.

Thanks Again!
That's great! That was way quicker than I'd expected! What kind of project are you going to do with it?
Hi Louis,
since you already know how to box one of 'em fellows right - do you happen to know how much shipping might be to Germany (in terms of size and weight via USPS)?
Hi Mike,

Thanks for the interest but i think im going to hold off shipping internationally further than Canada, for the value it is, i don't want any trouble if it came broken or something.

I plan doing a slip ring for the dome so it can spin 360.

Camera behind the eye and some additional LED lighting
for the dome/body.

Sonic sensor down below, 40MP3 with Amp for audio.

Nothing too special, it's for my 5 year old to play with.
That's simple and functional, don't be like me working on the same project forever...haha. I would like to see the details on that one, i don't see anyone working on a R2D2 beside DJ:)
Hi louis,
well alright - just figured Id drop you a message about one of them fellows. I already had an Omnibot 2000 coming over from the US (besides a bunch of other stuff) and never had any problem with USPS so far.
Mike...Well if you insist and i can pack it as good as it is going to Canada and hope it will survive. Shipping is somewhere at $52 via Priority Mail International. Still need to see if I can find another box of similar size as last time, i have loads of boxes but its hard to find one in the right size when you most need it...lol. As usual, feel free to contact me thru my site since there is no PM function here, we need that feature in this forum DJ:)
Hi Louis, is number 3 still aavailable?

Hi again,

Great can I get it? Do you take paypal? Can you either post info here or email how to pay you? My email is mikeerne2007@yahoo.com. with the total charges.

Thank you,
I sent you an email. Thank you.
Ok as of now #2 and #3 (pending payment clearance) are gone. I'm going to leave them here for another week before i post them on eBay. Really hoping these guys make a good small project for you.

Off topic: anyone interest in a Wall-E U-Command for $40 + s/h? This one doesn't power on but will make a great EZ-B project.
Bugger! Would you ship the Wall-E to me? or am I pushing my luck?
Sure, i'll find out actual s/h and let you know asap.
Lumpy...I sent you an email with shipping cost. Thanks
Done. Thanks again.

If you post a Brookstone Rover next I'll cry. *stress*
@Lumpy...your Wall-E has gone out:)
Hey Louis, how much did it cost to ship the R2? I have a fully functioning one I am thinking of selling. Need more money for EZ-Bs lol
I think about $16 within USA depends on how you ship it, UPS/Fedex usually cost more, i use USPS.
Wall-E #2 arrived safe and sound today!

Thanx again!
You're welcom-E! it wasn't all that bad after all:)

Anyone wants the other two R2D2? didn't have time to dump them on fleebay yet, still got a complete one #4.
Still got him, send me an email thru my site? :-)
Yes I got it and emailed you back:)
#4 has gone to greensheller's lab to be EZ-B converted:)

Anyone wants to take on #1?
Got #4 today. It looks pretty new and clean. All three motors work. Thanks, Louis T:D
You're welcome. That was fast for standard shipping.

Now lets see some hackings:)
Just a quick update.

This is the R2D2 robot I made using #4 (thanks again, Louis T). It's driven by Raspberry Pi, so it needs much more time to code and debug (both hareware and software) than Ez-robot kits.
Nice one! Glad to help out.
I really need to pimp one of these dudes out. Iron man style
User-inserted image
Aw MAN you tricked me. I thought there were more to be had.:(
I still have No. 1 available but shipping to Canada now is a lot more expensive since USPS increased price recently.