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Cheap R2d2 Robots For Ez-Robot Hacks

Hey guys. I have here four R2D2 Interactive Robots that are defective one way or another, I don't know the exact issues so im just going to state their physical condition. I bought these for hacking but i've moved on to other projects so i want to offer them here as they are excellent for hacking with EZ-Robot.

User-inserted image

From left to right:

No.1 Worn a bit, missing both doors, left arm detached (doesn't matter if you're going to mod and attach arm servo anyway). $25 + s/h
No.2 Very Good condition overall. $40 + s/h
No.3 Very Good condition, missing one door. $32 + s/h
No.4 Very Good condition overall. $40 + s/h

If anyone is interested in grabbing one or two, let me know which No. and your email and I will contact you to figure out s/h costs. If you don't have an EZ-Robot kit or EZ-B boards yet and want to purchase one, I have some available and I will combine shipping.

Best of luck,


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I think about $16 within USA depends on how you ship it, UPS/Fedex usually cost more, i use USPS.
Wall-E #2 arrived safe and sound today!

Thanx again!
You're welcom-E! it wasn't all that bad after all:)

Anyone wants the other two R2D2? didn't have time to dump them on fleebay yet, still got a complete one #4.
Still got him, send me an email thru my site? :-)
Yes I got it and emailed you back:)
#4 has gone to greensheller's lab to be EZ-B converted:)

Anyone wants to take on #1?
Got #4 today. It looks pretty new and clean. All three motors work. Thanks, Louis T:D
You're welcome. That was fast for standard shipping.

Now lets see some hackings:)
Just a quick update.

This is the R2D2 robot I made using #4 (thanks again, Louis T). It's driven by Raspberry Pi, so it needs much more time to code and debug (both hareware and software) than Ez-robot kits.
Nice one! Glad to help out.
I really need to pimp one of these dudes out. Iron man style
User-inserted image
Aw MAN you tricked me. I thought there were more to be had.:(
I still have No. 1 available but shipping to Canada now is a lot more expensive since USPS increased price recently.