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Charging Jd With A Rc Hobby Charger


Do I need to purchase the EZ robot charger to charge JD or is there a way to charge JD with an RC batter charger without taking JD apart or modifying it?


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As long as it charges lipos, that should do the trick. There is no special charger for the batteries in the store. It’s a typical Lopo pack.
Connect the battery charging cable or your ezrobot to the appropriate port on your after market charger. Contact the manufacturer of the after market charger or consult the instructions to understand its operational use.

Batteries of all kinds contain hazardous material and may explode if mistreated. Please be cautious of using after market charging products without understanding their operation - and how LiPo batteries are charged.

I cannot know for certain, but I’d guess you connect the charging cable of jd to the charging port of that charger... but I can’t know for certain. You have the manual for that charger, it’ll be best if it’s consukted. Have fun!:)

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Thanks @Jd and @fxrtst for your responses.

The manufacture of the charging device does not provide instructions on how or whether the charger can charge a LiPo through the balance cable only. I can charge the battery when using the balance and red/black cables connected at the same time. I've checked with the local hobby store which sells a myriad of chargers and when I asked them how to charge through the balance cable only, they gave me blank stares.

My problems stems from trying to charge JD through the balance cable only. I've searched but have yet to find a definitive answer or at least a way to charge through the balance cable alone.


Did your jd not include a charger?
Hi @dj

No. I bought JD over time. Head, then torso, then feet. It was probably more expensive purchasing it that way but I had plans to 3D print the parts that didn’t work out.

Live and learn.

Thanks @dj.

Anything for an interesting life:)
When you have a JD and two young boys interested in learning about robots, anything can happen!
I have done it using an Electrify Triton JR with a Electrifly Equinox balancer. The Equinox allows me to charge any battery through the balance port. It should work with most any RC charger with banana clip power outputs. The Triton Jr (discontinued) does not allow me to set the charge rate, but as long as I have it set for the correct Mah of the battery, it has not been an issue. I just happened to have this stuff from RC racing. It's probably just as cheap and easy to buy the recommended charger form EZRobot.