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Changing The Name Of The Ez Network

Hi Guys.

Atm I have 9 EZ robots for teaching programming to kids. When they all get turned on more or less at once, there is 9 Networks pretty similar in name, this gives some confusion and irritation with both me and my students.

My question is: Is it possible to change the names of the Networks ? and if, how is it done ?


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Hi, you can change the SSID with diferent names like so:

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Hope this helps.


DonĀ“t forget that you must do this for every EZ bord. Regards


If using 9 robots in AP mode in the same room, you should also change the WiFi channel (on the same configuration page) on each one to avoid interference. If they are all on Channel 1 you will have significantly shorter range and may see other symptoms like unexpected disconnects.



Don't forget, the plastic used with ezrobots can be written on with a sharpie. Write the wifi name on the robot.

To wash the sharpie off the robot, use white board cleaner - voila:)


That's not the same thing - a white board marker will wipe off with your fingers. It will work, but not last.

A Sharpie is a permanent marker - which I imagine Bic Brand has a similar version.

To remove it, simply spray White Board Cleaner on the area that was marked, and use a cloth to wipe it away. It will not come off with your fingers.

If you are unsure about the market - try it somewhere that will not be visible to ensure it comes off with white board cleaner spray:)