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Change Of Alias

Just wanted to announce that I've changed my Alias from @skater_j10 to my real name.

I've been a long time forum member, even before I was employed by EZ-Robot, and still kept my normal online alias since then. I figured it's probably time for a change since it's a little more professional to have a first name alias and you can now put a face to a name when you check out the team page.

I know....I know....this is not really important enough to be it's own topic but maybe others can use this thread if they ever have a need such as mine.


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This might be a bit late, but I changed my alias from lyron to Niek a while back. I feel there's no need for nicknames on this forum, since everyone is so friendly:D
United Kingdom
Once I got my feet under the table and became one of the more active members of the community I changed mine from RichMR2 to just Rich... Since I sold my MR2 in 2007 it was kind of an old nickname anyway and Rich just seems more friendly (as Niek said, it' such a friendly place here).
Oh, that's what it meant. I thought you were the 2nd Mr. Rich. :P
@Rich, lol remember when you changed it to "Rich" that a certain forum member thought you were a different person even after explaining.:D
Ya, who needs nicknames anyway! I got nothing to hide!
@DJ LOL I wonder how many people saw the nickname before you changed it back.:D
United Kingdom
@Troy i saw it. And yes I remeber the fun we had when i changed alias:)
Nobody took a screenshot of it? Too bad..
When I overcome my shyness complex, I will change "Doombot" to my real name, "Engelbert Humperdinck"

This is my real photo:

User-inserted image
Those pictures don't seem to be uploading correctly..
Yeah I don't know why...don't worry about it its a stupid joke anyway.:)
@Niek:) Here is a hint. It had to do with robots.:D

Ok ok here it is...or was..."Robots rock my socks 7262".