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Asked — Edited

Catch The Ball By The Ez-Robot

dear DJ
Now I am designing?a robot which catch a red ball.
last time when I ask you how to catch the ball,
your one answer is
"you can obtain the position of the detected object by using the specified variables in the Camera Config menu under the Scripts tab."

I can understand the meaning to get the x,y position using a variables in the Camera.
your next answer is
"Also, you can simply use the servo Tracking settings, combined with Track By Relative Position to have your robot arm catch the ball. "

This part I did not understand the meaning.
Because , to approach the ball is possible using a track command, but
to catch the ball , robot must stop a appropriate distance from the ball,
but camera command did not have this command , so robot can not stop
the appropriate distance from the ball,
to realize this we have to use the IR sender to get the appropriate distance from the ball,
this is a one solution ?to stop before the ball .
but if camera command support the the quantity of object pixels ,
pixel To I think it is more easy to catch the ball ,
two years ago I bought a CMUcam unit from the US ,
this camera unit output X,Y coordinate and quantity of object pixels.
so if possible , in near future ,
I am very happy to out put quantity of object pixels ,
if this command out put I think we can get many possibility of
application to designing?a robot .

please consider this opinion .
Sorry my bad English.!

I am looking forward your reply ,
Thank you .
:) :)


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hi dj!

Thank you very much making a new command !
I really apreciate your efforts.
So using a new command i will try my ball catching robot.
:) :) :) :)