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Cant Get Led Off In Script

i try several times but i cant get the led off when the pose is done.
the led goes on and off while doing his pose.at the end off the pose,
it keeps going on and off.

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AI Support Bot
AI Support Bot
Hey there! This is an automated response from me, the support bot. I've searched other questions, tutorials and controls related to your question. Take a look at these links. They're all sorted by what I believe is the most relevant:
1 say sound file,play motion,flikker led
2 stop all
@nomad ... take lines 2 and 12 out (no repeatuntil).... The script will only run once but it will do what you want...

***I can help you but give DJ the credit for this... I don't want any credits at this time....****

ok i give credit it dj

i made a video.

@nomad... your script repeats so the leds won't ever stop... Either remove lines 2 and 12 or add a long sleep command after set(D11,OFF) (after line 11)....