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Cant Get Led Off In Script

i try several times but i cant get the led off when the pose is done. the led goes on and off while doing his the end off the pose, it keeps going on and off.

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That's because your script is repeating for ever in a repeat loop.

Read your script, it's doing what you're asking it to do...

  1. run a soundboard

  2. flash an led for ever

That's what you're asking it to do. What do you want to do?


1 say sound file,play motion,flikker led 2 stop all


@nomad ... take lines 2 and 12 out (no repeatuntil).... The script will only run once but it will do what you want...

I can help you but give DJ the credit for this... I don't want any credits at this time....*



ok i give credit it dj

i made a video.


@nomad... your script repeats so the leds won't ever stop... Either remove lines 2 and 12 or add a long sleep command after set(D11,OFF) (after line 11)....