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Can'T Find The Ez Robot Wifi On My Computer

I bought a Roli Rover from BrookStones a few days ago, they had no more in stock but they have a display model that they said would sell to me for 70 Dollars, I checked for missing parts and chargers etc. Non-missing, they even showed my in the store that it connects to the phone and it still works. They took it apart and put it back in the box when I got home and set the Roli Rover up, it wouldn't connect to the wifi. By that, I meant when I turn it on, it would say the message to go the website and flash the green light on and off. I watched the videos on how to connect and it said to wait until the on sound goes off (It does) and wait for the blue light to show. The blue light did not show on mine instead, it kept blinking green. And I also constantly checked my wifi to see if I can find the Roli Rover wifi there as well, none. Is this normal or am I doing something wrong? confused


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Visit the learn section. It's a menu at the top of this website titled learn. Press the learn button and there will be lessons. Choose the roli lesson and follow the instructions.

Have fun!

Required assistance removed. This information is available in the learn section.


Let's start from the beginning just to ensure no steps where skip.

What are you using to lower the robot? What type of device are you using? (Laptop, tablet, desktop)

Can you see any other Wi-Fi names available in your area?

I highly recommend setting it back to factory default first. Link below will show you how to reset it.


Yes, I saw that video of how to connect to wifi, but when I turn it on, it doesn't show the bright blue light, it just keeps flashing green. And I use a PC, the only wifi I see is Y7NX3 and MacAndCheese2


It is in Client mode... not sure if you put it there but if you push a paperclip in the reset hole you can reset your ezb4 back to factory specs (wp mode) then try again....


Its solved! But how do I make this discussion's problem resolved?