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Can'T Connect To My Computer

I cannot get my 6 to connect to my computer. I can see the camera but when I hit the connect button it says it cannot connect.


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If you can get the camera connected, that's great news!:D

  1. Does the EZ-B make a power up chime, such as the tutorials mention?

  2. Are you using a connection mode outside of the default mode? i.e. have you attempted to connect to your network?

  3. Are you running a virus scanner or firewall, such as AVAST?

  4. Have you pushed the button to access Tutorials when prompted after you received the message about "cannot connect"?


We went to the EZB Connection modes

Found the EZ wi-fi and connected to it. It says we are connected under the wi-fi icon in the tray. We then hit the round icon Under the diagnostics we hit the sound 1 and nothing happened.

We may have a firewall up not sure We are using the default settings.


If you can answer my questions, it would be very helpful to assist you. Let's start with just ONE question then...

  1. Does the EZ-B chime when it is powered on?

Hi @kevin.ratner

One other thing you can check is if there is a Red LED that lights up right below the reset button when you activate the reset button (using something sharp or small like a paper clip). You should see the red LED light up through the plastic for about 30 seconds.

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Hi. I know I am new to DJ's product line, but I've been dealing with boards for quite some time.

If you're not getting a chime when starting up, can you check to see if the blue light is lit? (You'll find this LED directly above and to the left of the camera port - 6 pin male molex connector).

If you're not seeing this light, I would guess you're not getting power correctly.

Now, let's say you look and the blue light is lit and you hear a chime (or maybe your speaker is bad) and you're ready to connect to WiFi. You mentioned the in the connection tray for Windows it tells you it's connected. Can you see the IP address you're getting and tell us what it is?

If you're connected (it may say "Limited Connection" ... that's okay) you should have an IP in the 192.168.x.x range I believe based on my last connection.

If the blue light is lit, you have an IP in the correct range (and still no sounds) we can try one other thing to make sure you're connected and it may be a bad speaker.


Going from what Hal said, there are known cases of ez-b's having wifi difficulty with hp/Compaq computers, as well as speaker issues. May isolated, but there are known batches that had a problem. If we can't figure out the problem, see if ez-robot will take a warranty claim.


Thank you for taking the time to respond to my post. As a newby to this platform it is very helpful to have a community that is engaged and responsive. Our 6 is working and we are on our way. So stoked and my kids are so into it. It's really inspiring. Thank you.