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Can'T Connect My Rolli To Wifi It Does Not Show Up In Network Settings Or In Wif

Can't connect my Rolli to wifi it does not show up in network settings or in wifi signials stress


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Hi, Alan,

Thank you for the quick reply. Even though I have not taken any of the tutorials in my profile. I have been able to connect my Rolli in the past, it was not until I updated to latest version that went missing from my networks in my computer. I understand it is typical to seen over the a video that I have watched more than 5 times to settle problem, but that still has not shed light on a solution to the issue of connecting Rolli to the website. He/she is sitting next to me with the blue light on, just like in the video, which then I look into network settings to not find the wifi connection.


Sorry to hear about your troubles - let's see if we can get you going... Your message is a little vague, so I'll have to ask you a few questions. I need answers to each question. Do not skip any questions.

  1. Does your EZ-B make a chime noise when the switch is turned on?

  2. What color is the EZ-B light after it has been turned on for longer than 10 seconds? Is it Red, Green, White or Blue?

  3. Are you able to see the EZ-B in your WiFi list of your laptop? If you need assistance on how to look for wifi networks, please let me know in the response.


Yes, Blue Nope


@Dak Re-start you PC and router and try again (if you haven't already done so that is)....


Sounds like your pc is having issues detecting wifi networks. As Richard suggested, power down your computer for 30 seconds.


I did both of those things and still nothing.


It was working fine until I updated the version.


I assure you the ARC Software has absolutely nothing to do with your WiFi network. Your Wifi network is managed by the Microsoft Windows Operating System and the respective drivers of your hardware. It would be much easier to diagnose if our software was responsible:)

Please reset your EZ-B with these instructions...

Following the reset, cycle the power on both your Computer and EZ-B


Cook the eggs and brings the OJ, I eat my words and complaints. Rolli works now. Thank you


The ez-b up to tricks again? I always reset the ez-b if I have a wifi issue. Usually it is the cause. Just a minor issue. Not a problem though.


I'd lean toward your wifi driver/network and Windows - this is because there is no gateway on the EZ-B. So on some machines, windows tends to say "let's ignore this network because it goes no where".

Glad to hear you're up and running:)