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Canadian Omnibot To Collectible To Use?

Hi Guys,

Probably a silly question but having some collectible hobbies of my own I thought I should ask if I modify a fairly complete Canadian Omnibot would it ruin something that could have decent collector value?

I've always been interested in building a robot, especially these past couple of years but just have too many projects. I've since decided to sell off and cut down on a lot of my RC car projects and make room for building a robot.

I bought a complete Omnibot ( only missing the charger ) from a guy locally for $100.00 with the remote, tray, manual and even the Canadian Box. It's in great shape only I need to fix/ replace the right upper arm support. On the collectible market some items that are Canadian are rarer due to population etc so if I modify this Omnibot would I be wrecking a good collectible made by Tomy Canada?

User-inserted image

I opened it up last night and it's in great shape. I just don't know for sure if it works.

Any thoughts? Or should I say go for it !! and keep those accessories for another bot and sell that lot later which is what I am thinking..



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Definitely a great bot in great shape. I only paid $25 bucks for mine so it was an easy decision. The question is: Do I want to put him on a shelf and look at him, maybe sell him someday? or do I want to have a real robot that can do real cool stuff? Personally, I would go for the modification. I have a 2 foot Robot B9 (from Lost in Space the series) that untouched is worth quite a bit. But my dream is to have a full functionig Robot B9, so under the dremel he went. Just my 2 cents.
I'd get a fixer-upper from ebay for <$50 and never have to regret putting the dremel to the nice one.
The fact that you have the original box does add to the collectable value (or will in 25 years or so...). If you can fix the arm without the fix being obvious, like many rare toys, it could be worth something when it is an antique. If you can't make the fix super clean, then just save the box for a collector with a perfect bot looking for a box to increase their collectable value and use it to make a real robot.

I had no idea there was a canadian version? do you have a picture of the box? That's real cool!

As for modifying it... See, I'm into collecting items for their value of improving my enjoyment. Owning an omnibot with 1980's tape recorder functionality doesn't give me enjoyment. And having it sit around - tempting me - for 30 years to be worth a bit more money doesn't sound like fun.

That's why I modify everything I own:) ... I look at it like an investment. What's it worth to enjoy NOW vs being worth a few extra bucks in 30 years?

Hack away my friend - hack away
Here is a few shots of the box and some of the dis-assembly I did last night at 12:30 in the morning.

Thanks for the feedback guys, I may hold on a little longer to start so I can get the parts like the EZ-B. I do have an Arduino board but want to make it EZ:) as possible as this is the first adventure into electronics and robotics but I have a decent amount of computer gear so I should be able to figure this out. I actually have a decent RC crawler collection and plan to sell off some of my unused projects, keep things like the ESC's and Servo's so I can have a few for this project. Really I wanted to build a Wall-E but i'll start with the Omnibot as I remember seeing them in the stores as a kid and wanted one.

Close up of the box the top flap is loose but it has the Styrofoam inside.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Nice and clean robot

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

Problem arm, a pin or small metal piece can fit inside as it's actually hollow.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
Whoa! Canadian! Awesome!

Don't paint over that sticker:)

I love seeing robots being taken apart! You really jumped into that pretty quickly. I dig it

I have a replacement for that broken part you can have. I added servos to my elbow joint and don't need it. Give me your address and I'll mail it to you. bret.tallent@gmail.com
Its pretty nice, I remember having a Dingbot when I was a kid. I think it was from Consumers Distributing. Had bought one earlier last year with a Canadian box so they are around I guess.
Anyway, got the arm apart ready to fix it.

Probably get a plan for what I want to do. But quite sure the sky's the limit:)
OMG I forgot about Consumers Distributing!! I used to wait for that catalog to come out. Flip right to the toy section. Man i'd sit around and dream of owning some of those toys!
Yep, CD and Sears Christmas Wishbook were always the best:)
Hi, I'm new here but so what.....I too have an Omnibot in the sales box which is in the shipping box and it has not been opened so therefore I am reluctant to open it and hack it up but as DJ says , when would you like to enjoy it, now or later...I see some of these bots selling for hundreds on E-Bay and some for peanuts, it is all just material junk but man is it hard to open that box!

I just ordered the EZ kit today and I have no lack of other bots to hack apart, there is some neat toys out there that need that extra special transplant of a good controller.

I'm not a total nu-bee at bot building but the old HACK or STACK decision has popped up many a time......Good luck
Hi Guys,

It's been some time, going to finally order the EZ kit and either get this Omnibot going or purchase an Omnibot 2000 also with a Canadian Box:)

Brett, I didn't get that arm piece for the above robot so i'll send you an email soon if you still have one available


Hi wayne,
I have quite a big collection of tomy robots here in germany and if i might suggest you better have fun with the robot and pimp it!
There is rare material from the tomy robot line such as a boxed mr.time, boxed omni jr and all the boxed japanese versions. Heck, an omnibot 2000 in pristine shape in box is worth something. But a regular omnibot is not that rare anyway. I would hack the robot and try and sell the box.
Just my opinion, and i have been watching the internatonal ebay market for tomy robots for the last couple of years. Worthy is only whats rare, the common stiff didnt go up in value for the last 10 years i would say.
Thanks Mike,

I actually found a Omnibot 2000 that is complete with manual and box but the box is not in the best of shape. I actually don't care that it has the box considering what I'm going to use it for but the asking price is $400.00 which seems fine. Appears to be in great shape with some voice problems but all of that will come out.

Think I should go for it, it's the one I wanted to do over the regular Omnibot above. Heck i'll probably have both going. I got 2 Wowwee Robots RoboRaptor ( Large ) and RoboSapien for $10.00 each yesterday so that was an easy buy to mess around with those sometime.
Hi wayne,
I would say its an average price for an omnibot 2000 with box. Iam sure you could sell the remote and the box then. Just keep in mind, that the robot body itself is not the pricy part but allthe little gadgets you wanna put in it. Check out jstarnes thread, you will learn that healready spent a little fortune on his robot...So try to save as much as you can on the robot body.
I did that with both the sears wish-book and the Heath-kit Catalog. brings back memories.
Hi, I collect vintage robot toys and , personally, I think ruining these toys is awful, they are retro, vintage, collectable toys and are slowly becoming more valuable, already they are worth hundreds.

Once damaged they are worth nothing, and there are no new ones being made. I would love to have one, it would look great in my collection. one day ...:)

I couldn't bring myself to hack one up. Its more fun to create your own from scratch.

Maybe because I'm a robot toy collector I am biased.