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Can You Put Ez-Robot Software On An Ipod Touch

Hi guys I have a ipod touch 3erd gen and i was woundering if you can countrole your robot whith your ipod but whith out useing your pc. confused


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Not yet.

An iOS version of ARC is in the works though. There isn't much detail on the iOS version yet though and no idea if it will run on a touch.

Currently you need a PC to run ARC. You can control ARC from any web browser.


some time around the end of December to February if I'm not mistaken.


To help you because you made 3 threads I copied robot docs response from another.

"ARC requires a PC since it uses the Microsoft .Net software."


but let me get this straight the app is coming out but you still need the computer or can you just use the ipod to countrole your ez-b?


Searching the forums instead of asking the same question in multiple threads is usually considered good forum etiquette. That being said.....

You will need a PC to create your ARC projects, but then will be able to run most projects (DJ said all, then qualified it saying most controls work) on iOS or Android apps. He made it clear that performance is better from a PC, but that the phone/tablet apps will work.

The thread where you would have found this answer is here



You use the EZ-B software to build your ios app. Then upload you app to the EZ cloud.. Then the app is downloaded from the EZ cloud app store.


ARC Mobile does not require a PC...

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Yep @thetechguru and @Robot-Doc are correct, you'll need a windows PC/Laptop to design your ARC project and then you can use it with the iOS or Android apps on your phone or tablet once they are uploaded to the EZ-Cloud.

I'm not 100% sure if it'll work with a 3rd gen iPod touch but it very well just might. I guess we'll have to test it on multiple platforms once the app nears completion.:D


thanx evrery body for getting back to me cant waint :) when it comes out I will post a thred on my real life wall-e


Can't wait to see it. (Love Wall-e).

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