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Can You Help Get My My Robot To Hear?

Can you help me get my robot to hear?

I need some help. I have done (read before posting) and am still having problems with my ezb speech recognition plugin on my Robot. It is extremely important to really be able to talk to Max.

Right now the Bluetooth headset is shown working on the windows recording device setup but it will not work in the ezb program. Neither Microphone or Speech Recognition plugins recognize my mike. It works fine on windows but not on ezb.

On Windows I have three Bluetooth items running. Headset, Bluetooth speaker and Mouse. The headset and Bluetooth speaker are showing connected. The mouse shows paired but is working fine. I have tried three types of headsets , all Bluetooth, and am using a mobile phone headset now. I have gotten it to work once and it responded great to my voice commands. I then programmed several voice commands. Closed everything and when I tried again it didn't work any more. Since then it has not worked.

It seems that some setting is causing it not to work on the ezb. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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  1. Is speech recognition actually hearing you within ARC?
  2. Have you played with the recognize confidence level parameter within the speech control itself?

#1 would be important because if ARC speech control isn't hearing you period then of course no commands with be executed...


Maybe start a new project and just add the speech control to see if it hears you then....


I have adjusted the confidence %. Even went to 50%. No receptions on plugin audio graphs. Speech recognition and microphone plugins.

I have read all the check sites on ezb and I finished all of them on audio. On windows it shows all the right audio devices wanted are designated default.

I think I have rebooted everything and tried again after any changes.

I have also deleted voice recognition plugin and built a new own with no success.

Are there any microphones that won't work with ezb. I am using a Bluetooth cell phone over ear microphone?


Please read my previous response.

All microphones that work with windows will work with ARC. The ezb has nothing to do with the microphone.

Only ONE input device can be a default device. Your statement of "all devices are set as default" is incorrect. This leads me to believe the instructions to set the default device are not understood. The link I provided will help:)


Thanks DJ.

What I said was the right audio devices are selected as default not all devices. For speaker audio I have selected my Bluetooth speaker. For microphone I have selected my Bluetooth headset. My speaker works fine but the microphone can only be heard on windows. Audio shows on audio graph in microphone setup in windows but not on the ezb sound recognition and microphone plugins audio graphs. I agree since this is handled by windows it should work on both but it doesn't. I do not know why.

I know you know a lot more about this than I do so I am either not clearly understanding your post or I am not clearly explaining my problem.

I hope this reply helps clear up my problem.

I am going to set up another new program tomorrow and see if it will work. If it does I must be doing something somewhere on the existing program.

Thanks Again



Just a note. I found a new Motorola headset Silver II and tried it. It worked with both windows and ezb. Then after a little bit I lost sound Bluetooth. Oh well. I am happy to see my robot react to my voice.

I will work on it some more.

Thanks Ellis


I have found that a lot of Bluetooth headsets that are primarily designed for phone use will pair with windows and work when first connected, but will not maintain connection. They will automatically restart with communication programs like Skype or Google Hangouts, but not as primary windows audio. It has been a bit better in Windows 10 than Windows 7, but still not highly consistent. The only one that has worked for me 100% is a Plantronics headset that came with Dragon Naturally Speaking, and is designed primarily for PC use.



Great Idea. I am presently using the Plantronics on for cell and it is still working. If I have problems I will order one of the Plantronics for Dragon.