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Can You Control More Than One Ezbv4/2 In The Mobile App?

Am I missing something? Can the mobile app control multiple EZBs? I am using two in my robot and one is a client of the other. I don't seem to be able to access both EZBs in my mobile app and I really need that ability to trigger all of his animations. One EZB controls his head and the other controls his body. My scripts intertwine with the EZBs so they do not function when using the mobile app. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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No. Mobile App is limited to 1 EZ-B.

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Thank you DJ!

If this feature is at all possible please consider adding this request to your "to do" list. I'm running out of space in R2 and am really not wanting to install a laptop inside of him. stress


You don't need a laptop you can just use a small tablet or micro PC like the Kangaroo or latte panda.... There is also the PC Stick (in another thread here) too...


Great idea! PC stick? Never heard of that!

Thank you!


Man, that's one impressive R2 build! @dbickert Are a lot of those body/head pieces aluminum and stainless steel?


Wow, that freaked me out! What a neat little Droid. Obviously a very quality build. I'm totally impressed.


Thanks guys!

Yes, R2 is all metal. He is all aluminum with steel foot shells. He weighs in at 160 lbs. I'm trying to get him finished by the summer. I have a date with the local Children's Hospital. :)

Anybody know where to find the links in the ideas Richard is talking about? I can't seem to locate them.

@Dave, he is small potatoes compared to the love you've put into your DB9. THAT is an amazing build. :)


I guess alternatively you could go with a setup similar to @Richard 's Inmoov build which uses a SSC-32 to control the extra servos beyond the 24 that the EZ-Bv4 can control natively.


I am using a SSC-32 for all of my dome servos and was a huge life saver. I had a ez-board in the dome up until switching over to the SSC-32



Simple question but does ARC run on a Windows 10 tablet? Not the app but rather the entire program. I'm considering a tablet just for running R2.

Thanks guys!


Yes, it sure does! I think the Surface Pro is a popular choice, but I'm sure there are more affordable options out there.


This question is off topic so sorry in advance but.......

Can you R2D2 guys tell me where I can get good quality and authentic R2 sound clips?

Thanks in advance.

BTW, thoughs are some awesome looking R2' s!


@DJ Sures,

I saw the Sabertooth update today! Thank you!

Just checking to see if the Mobile app is still only able to link to one EZB.

Is it still only one?




I'm in the same boat for my R2.

Sometimes I feel like dejavu of Bill Gates ( 640K ought to be enough for anyone.)

Sadly us DIY users are no longer the focus of EZ Robot.


@lumpyu, seriously? I wouldn't expect that from you...

The limitation to multiple ez-b's for mobile is CPU and resource limitations. FYI, your phone/tablet is not a PC. The current ez-robot mobile app utilizes almost every bit of available resources and cores to perform what it does. Which is why there is only one app in the world like ez-robot's mobile app. And which is why there's only one ez-robot on this planet, because no one else has our secrets. However, our secrets are resource hungry and require very optimized and complex coding.

I personally take significant offence to your comment, lumpy. This is an unofficial ez-robot statement and comes directly from me. I am no longer engaging in this thread.


@DJ Sures,

Well that makes sense to me. I guess I just take processor speed for granted. I've since been experimenting with the virtual server. I need to learn HTML so I can customize a sweet interface.

Thank you for the clarification!




It's a true statement, the last few years focus has shifted away from the DIY user to the educational market. Simply a fact. Your choice, your business plan.

Oddly enough I work in the educational field as a Makerspace Tech. Schools all around us are looking to setup makerspaces and visiting me at my workplace for direction and ideas for their new makerspaces for the kids. Guess what I direct them towards? EZ-Robot...

Our Makerfaire is this weekend, I have my full size 1:1 aluminum R2 out (2-V4/2), a Hasbro R2 (IoTiny), Roomba Rover (IoTiny), and a Omnibot (IoTiny). Also going to have a standalone V4/2 w/ camera on the table.

So maybe before you are so quick to overreact to a simple statement you should take a deep breath.


Guess I lied - as i'm replying and said I wouldn't.


Sadly us DIY users are no longer the focus of EZ Robot.

Other than manufacturing a second product-line and marketing to education, explain how ez-robot is not focusing on the needs of the DIY user. And, if you could explain how your comment has anything to do with processing and resource limitations of tablet/phones to support multiple ez-b's.


See "Technology Today" by David Cochran.

He is doing a review on the Latte Panda tonight. Could be put inside your robot.

Running an onboard copy of ARC allow multiple EZB's.


Looking at the Io Tiny, IPS, HDD servos, etc. and a future EZBv5, I think Dj has the DYI community in mind. Loading the Microsoft Plugins and coming up with a cutting edge products of a reasonable cost, also continues to reflect his roots.

I thank Dj for his continued efforts to supply the DIY group with new products and educate all who want to learn.



I have video proof that EZ-Robot hasn't quit trying to satisfy the needs of the DIY'er. DJ and his team are constantly working on new features for this line of robotics. This constant work comes at a significant cost. I have been to EZ-Robot and have seen first hand the projects that have been worked on but haven't made it to mass production simply because of the high cost of the devices that have to be used right now. What this work has done for EZ-Robot is create the level of knowledge needed to produce these products when the cost of these sensors comes down. DIY'ers don't spend a lot of money on things and the price point to manufacture and sell new products has to be at the right point for someone to buy and for EZ-Robot to make money. There are many of these products.

I also have video proof of new items that EZ-Robot is working on that were inspired by the DIY'ers. I don't have permission to show the section of the video interview that I did with DJ where he shows multiple new projects. In the interview that I have shown, he discusses the logistic difficulties of introducing new products into an existing manufacturing and supply chain.

The way that I would say your statement is this. EZ-Robot has grown to where DIY'ers are not their only focus. Education has been added as a focus of EZ-Robot which allows the DIY'ers ideas and ingenuity to spark new ideas and products that are tested and possibly developed into products that are available for everyone.

Your statement seems to insinuate that EZ-Robot doesn't care about the DIY'er or hobbies community anymore. This couldn't be further from the truth.


Just for everybodys conveinence, I thought it might be a good idea to also throw in the link to @CochranRobotics new episode of the Technology Today show, where he is speaking about the Latte Panda, which I think is a really good choice if you are not willing to spent the money on a Surface Pro. Also this little device is way less space consuming and seems to be the best choice at the moment if you are planning to integrate computing power to your robot!

Btw, I think @DJSures choice to migrate his business to the education sector is a very good move, also making ties directly with Microsoft is clever! And in the long run we will all benefit out of this evolution! Not mentioning that this forum evolved out of EZ-Robots existence...which is a great thing to have!


The perceived "limitations" mentioned in this thread is just that... perceived... You can complain and cry foul or learn how to program better, use different hardware so you can accomplish what you want... EZ Robot is a seriously flexible platform... meaning that there is always another way to do something.... The only limitation of ez robot is the person using it.... @DJ and ez robot are doing exactly what they should be doing...


EZ Robot .Personal robotics for EVERYONE. Truly!

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Are we still only able to connect to one EZBv4/2 within the mobile app?  Or, has this been upgraded?  I've been trying to Remote Desktop into my Surface Pro from my iPhone and it is quite less than perfect.   Of course, my ARC file is quite large now and if there is a better way then I am of course open to suggestions.  Thank you!

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The mobile app unfortunately still experiences the same limitations. Mobile development environments are not up to the power of windows desktop development. The tools and processing capability available (and the screen interface limitations) prevent further development. We've been focusing on using SBC (single board computers) such as the Rock Pi (my favorite).

Check out one of my personal builds that demonstrates the power of SBCs:


I'm still happy using The Latte Panda with the upgraded Ram,no issues ever ,runs Synthiam ARC smooth no crashes and looks great with the lights shining in Clear acrylic case.