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Can Wrong Polarity To H-Bridge Damage Ez-B ?

I accidentally plugged the wrong polarity into Bobs H-bridge. The bridge died instantly but I'm hoping there's no damage to the EZ-B. Do any folks know if I'm in the clear or could the board be damaged in some way.

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Yes. But the only way to tell is to test it:)


That's what happened to me. I did the diagnostics as posted here, all was reading as fine, but nothing works from the EZ-B. I think I popped the chip.

Just waiting on a response from the "Contact Us" page.


Lumpy, how long ago did you contact us?

You passed the diagnostics? Meaning both LEDs still work, yet it won't connect?


Hi DJ,

I can't remember specific day, it's been a few. I can't login to my Hotmail from work to check. I'll double check when I get home, as I received an auto-reply.

I figured you guys were busy with the move.

I can connect via bluetooth, diagnostics was ok, all the right resistances back. Not getting any voltage output on the servo lines.

I'll take another go at it tonight to confirm.


Just tested the EZ-B, ran Bob through several script routines and I think I'm pretty lucky, everything seems to be working ..except the H-bridge. I don't know about you Lumpy but my lesson is having connectors that are polar proof (only go in one way). My biggest frustration in Robotics is connectors.There's a zillion different types but they all seem to be not up to the job. Either they are not up to amps and current needed or are difficult to join to wires, others tricky to solder, don't connect well or as in the bullets, can be accidentally put in the wrong way. I'm starting a thread on the subject - it drives me nuts, there must be good connectors out there.



I'm not getting voltage on D0-D19 ports.


Sorry to hear yours bit the dust Lumpy, I Just tested the EZ-B signal ports to the H-bridge : No damage.. I was using a Hex H-bridge, I think I'll replace it with another, it's nice to know it stopped anything going back to the board.


My ez-b is damaged... only the port D1 is damaged... I think is because I didnt use correctly the Hbridge!:( but all the ports are OK:)


I'm so lucky - absolutely no damage. I've changed all the positives to bullets and the negatives to flat connections as a fail safe way to avoid this happening again. The Hex bridge at $12 Ausie I can live with but I don't want to be forking out over $100 for another EZ board,