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Can This Be Real?

i asked some prizes about 3d printing here in belgium. one block and two brackets.look at the prize, is this really so exspencive ?

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sounds a little steep to me. I would shop around. It is probably 100% Infill for strength.


yes i need another shop.this is rediculous high.


Seeing that you can get JD's body for $90 I'd say that's super expensive. Is that the hip adapter you've been working on?

I'm guessing printing cost is: amount of filament used + time to print + markup for profit.

My printer's in need of repair but, if you're willing to share the file(s) with me, I could do a test run, (I'm thinking .2mm resolution at 30% infill should be strong enough,) just to see how long it would take to print and see how much filament it would use I probably won't get all the way through the print but I could at least get you some numbers to put you in the ball park so you know what a fair price might be.

I wouldn't charge you anything or try to sell you the finished product because as I said my printer needs some repair and may not even finish the print but I would be more than happy to share my results with you so you would have a better idea of what you should expect for a price.

If the print does finish and I'm comfortable with the quality of it we can discuss shipping it to you. (I'd only ask that you'd pay for the shipping but, I doubt it will come out well enough to use because of my printers needed repair. I'm also not very confident in the quality of the filament I have right now.)

I'm not really using my printer for anything right now so it would give me an excuse to fire it up.

Also they might be charging to "fix" you file(s) so, that will raise the price. If I have to do any "fixing" I'll gladly share the result files with you at no cost. It would be a good trial for me as well if I ever decide to sell my printing services to others in the future so I stand to gain from the experience. Plus, I'd get to be of some help.

Let me know if this interests you and we'll go from there. :)


hi antron007

yes that is the hip adaptor.i dont have stl files. what would be the chipping cost to me. my mail is

thank you


I'll send you an email and we can take this conversation from there. :)


Shipping is the killer. I had looked at printing some parts for Nomad, but the shipping made it unreasonable. If I remember right, shipping was almost $100 US for a few small items.


yes and here in belgium its not the chipping that kills you ,but the parts itself.