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Can The Store Lipos Be Sold Speperately Now?

Probably a question for the EZ Robot staff.... A while back there were some issues with selling the Lipo batteries separately from the Revolution kits... Is it still a problem or can I buy a just the lipos from the store?



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Sure they already are
EZ-Store Lipo

Not to mention it is your simple 2 cell Lipo you can get at your local RC shop, not to enthuse you to purchase else where.
I know they are in the store, however for a time when first introduced they couldn't be shipped separately to Canada due the safety regulations... I want to know now if they can be shipped on their own (not inside a Revolution Bot)....
United Kingdom
I'm glad you asked Richard :). I was wondering the same too, but for UK shipping.
@Richard R - There are many strict regulations around shipping batteries but we finally made headway a few months ago and are approved to ship up to 2 batteries outside of robots (or own their own) per package. If you require more than 2 batteries, you will unfortunately need to make multiple orders.
Awesome Jason, thanks... Just need one. I wanted to add it to other items that I wanted to order...

That is good news. Even with the shipping charges, your price for LiPos is very good. Better if I am ordering other things as well.

i ordered two batts and got two