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Can Jd Draw On Paper

i want to make ez robot draw a picture on paper can anybody give me the code please:)


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Sure, but everything he writes or draws will have to be custom coded... There is no such thing as one piece of code that would make him draw whatever you wanted.... You could use the auto-positioned, but as mentioned everything he draws has to be coded one at a time... To draw a happy face would be completely different code than say writing your name... Everything you want him to draw has to be coded separately and differently...


can you please help me by pasting the code I don't know what to write


As I said, there is no generic code for drawing... You would have to tell us what you wanted JD to draw then maybe someone could write you specific code to draw it... This is not easy to do.... To draw something as simple as a happy face would take me a bit of time with the auto positioner to do and that's all it would ever do (just draw a happy face).... Sorry dude, wish it was something you could do easily because it sounds like something fun to do with JD....

Maybe a future plugin @anyone? :)


Okay well if I have to decide on a specific thing how about a happy face like you said if it's okay with you can you please find out what the code is and tell me the code to draw a happy face .


Now Adventure Bot would be awesome at drawing.... You could tape (or use elastic) a Sharpie on him and have him drive around in a predetermined way to create letters and shapes on sheets of paper.... That would be fun and much simpler to do...:)

To be honest what you have asked isn't a bad idea at all... If I can think of an easy way to do it I will let you know...


something like this.will not be easy and this is an exspencive robot.


Oh is that NAO I now he is pretty advanced


Thanks:) for the adventure bot idea


@seromo.... You have a good question (and possible great feature request)... There are a couple of C# programmers on the forum that have the skills to possibly make a "drawing" plugin for ARC that would make it easy to draw shapes and letters.... You never know....:)


I think what would be needed would be to generate a library of fundamental shapes. Circle, square, line, arc, etc. This would be numerically based using formulas for deriving those shapes. There are any number of such formulas out there and the Script language has a number of standard functions that would be usable for such an implementation. Especially those concerned with radian functions.

So it should be possible to do it within the Script language itself. In any event it seems like an interesting problem so I believe I'll look into it. May need to add a rotor to the claw though, we'll see.


okay i see this is hard to do so i will try but i see its pretty hard but thanks for all your help:):):):)


Ha, that's an ironic question. I was making jd write his name on a pad of paper the other day. Used the auto position. You can do anything with the Auto Position - and with patience, you won't need anyone to "make the code for you". Simply do it yourself with the auto position:). That's the awesome part of ezrobot, learning to do things yourself - and it's easy!


That's a neat. I could see designing a 3d printed clip for the hand to help hold a marker and maybe a sensor to help judge distance from the pen to the paper.


I could also see creating an auto-position for each letter/number and then either a good (if complex) script or maybe a plugin to take entered words and sequence the auto-positions to write the words out. Trick would be making sure that each letter doesn't over-write the previous one. Easiest would probably be to just have JD take a step to the right after each letter, since the auto-positions would not have an easy way to vary the initial position based on where they are in the word.


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Or just buy a printer...:)

There are many different drawing robots out there with as many different methods to achieve it. With JD the AutoPosition is most likely the easiest even if it is time consuming.

Using JDs camera you could, with a little coding, avoid over-writing.