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Can I Build Autonomous Robot With Ez-B V3??

Hi Dj
I Have Big Problem For My Robot Project.
My Project Is Autonomous Robot And With Computer Vision,Voice Recognize,...
I Write C# Program For My Project For Computer Vision,....
But Nobody of micro controller support my project.
Can I Build Autonomous Robot With Ez-B v3?? That Means : Can My Robot With Ez-B Chip Control Yourself Without Connect To Pc (Ez-Builder)??
If my robot connect to pc only for image processing or voice recognize is not important,My Problem Is Control servo Motor without sending data of PC (Ez-Builder),
Help Plz For My Problem DJ.
Thx Alot.


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It must.be connected to a pc to work , eventually it will be able to connect to iPod/ipad. Your best bet if you are wanting to make a completely self contained autonomous robot is to get a mini itx pc and mount it inside your robot...
User-inserted image

Like this one for example , its 6.5 x 6.5 inches and should fit in a med to large robot your building , there are lots of mini itx boards on eBay for around 50 - 80 dollars that are more than capable of running ezb while at the same time having low current draw. Have fun building!
Thx Alot Jstarne1 and DJ.

Dear DJ Sures Can I Buy Ez-B v3 From Iran??!!!
I Need This:)
I Buy Ez-b v3 ... This Is Awesome;)
What's Ez-b v3 Micro Controller Models??
Can I Change Firmware or develop this??
Dear Dj
Can You Explain To Me About How Do You Write C# Programing For Micro Controller And Run C# Command On This??
Is This Ez-B Micro Controller PIC18F97j60??
That Is Related To Firmware??Or Ez-B Software??Or BlueTooth Remote??

I'm Confused...

My Project Is Rescue Robot But I Like Build A Humanoid For All Robot League.

I Work With OpenCV And A.Forge Framework But I Don't Know Use Of Faster.

*confused* *confused*

Help Me Dj