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Can I Auto Run Script When Project Loads?

Is it possible to auto run a script when a project loads?

Is auto connect also possible?


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yes, you can make a shortcut and have that shortcut fire a script when the specified project loads. there is a shortcut creator in ARC that walks you through it.
No - you cannot run a script when the project loads manually.

Yes - you can run a script when the project loads by a .BAT file or shortcut

From the EZ-Script manual...


Auto Start Command Line Options

ARC supports two command line options for loading a project, and/or executing a script. If you wish to have ARC auto-load from a shortcut, the command line parameters allow you to specify an auto connect also. You may use the Shortcut Creator, located under the File Menu.

Parameter 1: The path and filename of the project file you wish to load apon startup.
Parameter 2: The name of the script control you wish to execute apon startup.

"c:\Program Files\ARC.ARC.exe "C:\files\My File.ezb"
"c:\Program Files\ARC.ARC.exe "C:\files\My File.ezb" "InitScript"