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Camra Setings

I have been working with EZB4 and its motion and facial tracking. I have noticed that the camera settings for the grid must be readjusted every time you reboot or reconnect. Is this normal?

Any one have any advice as far as using the motion and facial tracking?


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Grid settings are on the bug list.

Ok, Thanks:) I can see you guys at EZ-Robot are right on the job! :D
There are no reported bugs or issues with servo speed. What problems are you having?
Hi DJ, I had also mentioned this grid line question awhile ago, so if you are working on it, it would be nice to be able to set to grid lines to a certain setting with a command control or save the settings in a script. That way grid lines that need to be set at other than default settings would automatically adjust when the script is run.

The grid lines have been in the to-do list. Nothing ever leaves the todo list
Did you mean to say " nothing ever leaves the todo list until it is done" ? Just kidding. Thanks DJ Go Flames Go!
The servo speed also resets each time you reboot or reconnect. Or I'm not doing something right. HHmmm.......
1) The servo speeds reset each time you reboot or disconnect, correct

2) The servo speeds should be configured in your init script after connection.

3) The manual on ServoSpeed() explains how to use it. Notice that you need to initialize a servo position before you can set the speed. It's stated in the manual and in many places on the website.

There is no reported bugs with servo speed. Here is a copy and paste from the EZ-Script manual explaining ServoSpeed()


ServoSpeed (servoPort, speed)

Set the speed of servo or PWM. This is the speed to move between positions.

The servo speed is a number between 0 (fastest) and 10 (slowest)

*Note: If the ServoSpeed command is being used in an initialization script, ensure the servo positions are set first. This is because with ServoSpeed, it moves from a position, to a position, at the specified speed. If there is no previous position (such as during power-on), the software assumes the position is 0.

Example: ServoSpeed(D14, 25)
Although the grid lines bug isn't fixed yet, and I haven't found a workaround to saving my grid lines settings, I did discover that if you stop and restart the camera, it at least returns the grid lines to their default locations instead of the totally off view when you first open a project.

I added the following to my init script to work around it:


# Stop, and restart the camera
#ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStop)
if ($IsCameraActive = 1)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStop)
if ($IsCameraActive = 0)
ControlCommand("Camera", CameraStart)