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Asked — Edited

Camera Tracking Glitch With All Cameras

I noticed lately when I use the Camera, tracking only last "one" time, whether it is face, color or whatever.

How can I deleted the camera and re-install it?


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Hmmm I haven't been experiencing this. What seems to happen? With any tracking type once the object is detected the camera skill crashes?

I don't think you need to uninstall the camera. Is it a camera that you have just installed or have you been using it for a while? I'm just trying to determine if anything has changed with your setup.

Do you have the latest version of ARC installed?
I have the latest version of ARC - later I can try another camera

I tried my computer camera and Ez B Camera

So Jeremie, I just got back, what should I do?

If you could answer the first few questions I had in my first post that’d help me out:D 

I need more info on what’s happening actually happening.
#5   — Edited
Wish we can speck, I will try the JD robot next.

ok, when I use the EZ-B v4 Camera, tracking,   with an IoTiny

User-inserted image

it only tracks once, then all the tracking boxes are empty - look below, I had it on face, then color, same thing happens, this just started.

User-inserted image

I use DJ code:

User-inserted image

here is the debug info:
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Attempting connection on
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Connected to
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Reports EZB v4 OS IoTiny
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Firmware 'EZ-Robot IoTiny standard firmware' on 'EZ-Robot EZ-B IoTiny' supports the following capabilities:
- ADC with 12 bit Resolution
- Can stream Audio v4 codec
- Reports battery voltage
- Reports CPU temperature
- Read/Write Digital I/O Ports
- I2C Master
- LIPO battery protection & shutdown
- PWM Duty on digital ports
- PWM servos on digital ports
- PWM servos on digital ports can release their position
- servo speed for PWM servos on digital ports
- Has NVRam configuration and can be restored to default settings
- Transmit Uart TX on all digital ports
- Adjustable I2C clock speed
- Ultrasonic Ping distance sensor support
- 12 Byte Unique Identifier
- Can stream video v4 codec
- Native WiFi Connectivity from ARC
- Broadcasts to ARC's PnP network scanner

Broadcasts to ARC's PnP network scanner
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - EZ-Robot IoTiny standard firmware ID: 222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222-222
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Setting battery monitor voltage: 7
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Setting battery protection: True
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Setting i2c rate: 100000
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - EZ-B voltage is 8.211534684
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - EZ-B temperature is 25.02440624839843800C
2020/09/03 16:00:27 -05:00 - Connected
2020/09/03 16:00:36 -05:00 - Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 320x240

I downloaded ARC again, did repair, no luck

Like I said,  I will try the JD robot next., Tested JD robot, same thing happens,

I deleted Arc, fresh install - same thing

any ideas?

#6   — Edited

User-inserted image

translates to:


// Wait until the camera detects a face
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraMovementTrackDisable");
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraUseTrackingScripts", false);
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraFaceTracking");
while (getVar("$CameraIsTracking") == 0);
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraDisableTracking");
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraUseTrackingScripts", true);

Audio.sayWait("I see a Face");
Basically WaitForFace blocky enables the cameraFaceTracking and then disables cameraFaceTracking

you can store the previous state i.e. before the WaitForFace and then set after the block
User-inserted image

I believe is a design choice.
#7   — Edited
I assumed CameraTrackingType was the configuration setting but is not.
So I believe the solution is to have a global variable to set/store the tracking state and then restore the state after the WaitForFace.
#8   — Edited
I tried it, no luck

User-inserted image

#10   — Edited
Ptp, I re-arranged the code, now it works when it sees me and stay there for another round of seeing me again and again -  color or face

User-inserted image

User-inserted image

still my Blockly code some controls appears and the next time it is gone like set isFaceTracking, , go figure :-)

tracking color

User-inserted image

In Java:

setVar("$CameraTrackingType", 0);

if (getVar("$CameraTrackingType") == 1) {

// Wait until the camera detects the specified color
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraMovementTrackDisable");
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraUseTrackingScripts", false);
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraColorTracking", "Red");
while (getVar("$CameraIsTracking") == 0);
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraDisableTracking");
controlCommand("Camera", "CameraUseTrackingScripts", true);


if (getVar("$CameraTrackingType") == 1) {

controlCommand("Camera", "CameraColorTrackingEnable");


Audio.sayWait("I see red");


User-inserted image

I guess simple is not so simple today :-)

be well,