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Camera Skill Configuration To Use A USB Camera Vs The Pi Camera

when adding a camera skill to a project,how (can you?) do you configure the skill to setup connectivity to the USB camera. I can only find ref's to using the Pi camera.

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nope.  Saw (and read) all of that...even with the usb camera up and running (and accessible via other wifi means) no option shows for the usb camera as in your example in the skill as supplied.
?? NOT a Windows camera, a USB camera plugged into the Raspberry Pi running EZBpi
The Pi shows the camera operational in VLC as well as Camera app running on the Pi directly.
Using the ARC camera skill ther is no drop down identifying the camera.
My Q was how to config the skill to get the Pi USB camera to show in the drop down.
hope this pic can be enlarged..... I am NOT getting any conection to any camera on the Pi now using the blueberry server version (as apposed to the other one I was first using)
this is a screen cap of a VNC window of the Pi desktop - left) alongside the camara skill (right)
User-inserted image
rebooted raspberry pi reinstalled blueberry EZBpi   restarted main.py
the EZBTcpServer debug starts no problem as to the udpbroadcaster but ZERO camera related EZB stuff starts
I even installed stock pi cam as well as my usb cam, both work but the server never sees them
this is the latest update of buster 32 bit
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Oh, sorry to see that. That's always the trouble with Linux - and the reason we stopped trying to make ARC run on Linux was because of inconsistencies like this and difficulty with hardware support. I'd recommend posting your problem in the Blueberry firmware thread so the author will see it. The author (PTP) is more familiar with it than I am. 

Here's the link to the Blueberry firmware thread that you can post in for help: https://synthiam.com/Firmware/EZB-Server-BlueBerry-Server-DBJJ5DRNAAH