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Resolved Resolved by DJ Sures!

Camera Movement Control

Hi All!

My son and I built this robot with a mix of parts, hot glue and some fun. It has two motors connected to the ioTiny through an hbridge. The ez robot camera moves through the use of two servos. In ARC, the motors are connected through Hbridge PWM movement panel. We are trying to make this robot follow tape lines on the floor similar to @DJ's line following adventure bot. 

The problem I am having is that the when setting up the speed settings through the camera module, that module does not activate the motors. I cannot even test the speed or test the turns as the module allows. Control through the hbridge is fine. I can move the robot in all directions using the sliders. I used this set up before and it was fairly easy to use for face tracking. This time however, I'm having problems. 

I think this may be user error, but maybe not. Any suggestions?

User-inserted image

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Thanks EzAng for responding.

I have the basic camera configuration correct. The problem is with movement tracking. For some reason, I cannot control the motors from this panel. There is no movement whatsoever. The speed settings do not matter. I've attempted to use the test button to test the speed of the motors, but it did nothing. I don't have any scripts running. I've used this previously (a few weeks ago) with face tracking and I was able to utilize the test button to check the motors. 

Separately, the hbridge works fine controlling the motors. 

User-inserted image
Can you share the project here?

I've uploaded it under the file name of Scott_CamMod 

As always, thanks for your help.

#6   — Edited

That was it. I should have caught that.

Now, it's time for some experimenting and fine tuning. 

Blue tape isn't working as well as I thought because my house is filled with blues.  Perhaps I'll try some green or purple tape.

Thank you.

Make sure the camera is facing down as possible to avoid seeing other blue stuff - also blue is a weird color for tracking because it actually doesn't stand out very much unless it's practically neon. Most blues are darker because neon blue's kinda went out after the 80's lol. Greens are generally bright.. Bright reds work as well. On my examples of line following, I used green paper.
Blue is definitely a tricky color, especially in my house. Numerous shades of blues throughout the house seems to skew what the robot is tracking. 

I ordered different colors of masking tape to see which one works best. 

Once I get this working well, I think it will be time to try a saber tooth controller or perhaps an up board with an upgraded camera. So many choices. 

Thanks again!