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Camera With Servo

I have the camera mounted on a servo for playing with color tracking. When i move the color (red) in front of the camera, it turns completely away from it, if i again move in from it will do a 180 and face in the opposite direction. I tried changing some options, and even setting the limit (50-90) to how far it would move, but still does the same thing. Ive adjusted to Brightness and size, as well not being sure if that would have an affect on things. I did track it a few times, but then back to the, NOPE! not looking at that lol Any ideas?


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Did you try inverting the servos in the camera tracking control settings?.... Also try setting the camera grid lines to default....


sometimes it will twitch a few degrees, just enough so the color isn't in the window, and other times it will go nearly 180


Might have it. I powered down again, and it seems to be ok, 3rd time i tried rebooting. Not twitchy at all and following correctly.


I have noticed that once you do a servo release sometimes things go wonky until you reset servo speed again as well...


and If the object is too close it can get twitchy...


Good tip to remember:) Every problem is a chance to learn. I was maybe 2.5' from it with a red pen.