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Camera Train New Object Thru Ez-Script

Does anyone know if it is possible using EZ-Script to Train a new object?

What I am looking for is a command like this:

ControlCommand("Camera", TrainNewObject, "$NewPerson")

Richard Z


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I don't think so. It's not in the cheat sheet. The way it works currently is you have to click on the area for the object to make the training box appear, give it a name, then wiggle the object like the Professor E video shows on YouTube, and complete the training. I feel like this method is consistent with other visual object recognition apps like RoboRealm for example.

To automate object learning other than assigning names the system would need to define what object it is supposed to see and I feel that might be a little to complexe to integrate.


@ Justin How I was envisioning it was. First set to face detection and detect a face, If the face is not one recognized, have the robot ask "What is your name?" and store this name in a variable and move the robots head until the detected head is centered. Now switch to Train new object and have the robot say "Let me get a good look at you" and move the robots head around while detecting instead of moving the object. That should do it!

So now all I need is a programmatic way to go in to Train new object mode.


I guess I will have to look and see if this is possible to do in a plugin.

I do own a copy of RoboRealm be for they quit selling the hobbyist version of there software. But using ARC would be so much easier and cleaner.


I believe I have came to the conclusion that creating a plugin for this is WAY beyond my current programming skillset. I guess next step is to try and use RoboRealm to accomplish the task.


I think you'll run into basically the same problem in RoboRealm because it works the same way more or less (my version does).

I view the human manual controls as the teaching interface where I can provide oversight into what the robot stores and learns visually.


I have a plugin that's almost ready for this. It's late now but I'll publish it sometime tomorrow evening after further testing.


Awesome! You never cease to amaze me. You made my week!

Thank you DJ.