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Camera Question

Hello, I have a problem with the camera, and the EZB-V4. When the camera for a long time is in effect. Crashes the system.

Enough memory can not be the cause, I have 8GB Ram and including about 40% occupancy.

There come the following error messages: ezbv4 camera image render error: System.OutOfMemoryException: Nicht genĂ¼gend Arbeitsspeicher. bei System.Drawing.Bitmap..ctor(Stream stream) bei EZ_B.Camera.tCkmJiIoL7(Byte[] ) bei EZ_B.EZBv4Video.aOBpWgc6y8(Object )

and another one:

Error Camera.SetCaptureImage: System.Exception: The _workerBitmap has not been initialized. Internal EZ-B Camera error. Please report this to EZ-Robot bei EZ_B.Camera.rMDmX0565k(Object ) Camera Initialized: EZB:// @ 320x240


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Those errors can occur from network timeouts - they show the camera has not been correctly shutdown, which implies an error upstream. If the camera is on for a long time, there are many other factors that can cause the issue - most common is wifi timeout or network interference.


Hello Dj, thanks for the super fast response.