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Camera Lights

I have an ezb camera and tested it before putting it into my robot eyes, when I connect after installing it, the lights goes red, green blue then no lights at all. When I tested it before it went green and I could see images. Does the ezb camera have a reset button on it some where?

Thanks for anyone's help.


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Does the ezb camera have a reset button on it some where?
Nope... either it works (with green or blue led) or it doesn't...

Try unplugging (at both ends) the camera cable then plugging it back in again...


Thanks Richard R but it did not work. If you have 2 ezb4's can you run 2 ezb cameras once on each ezb4?



@merne, also check that the camera boards are well seated. Yes, you can run a camera on each EZB.


Thanks Bhouston but it even after checking it still does not work. Ugh I need a new one. I think I have bad luck with these cameras. :D. I wish shipping was not sooo spendy. I pay almost as much as what it cost for the camera.



Contact customer service Merne, they will ship you a new one straight away.

You said you tested your camera before installing it, was it working through testing but not after installation?


@newagetomy, thanks I know their support address. However, because the way I modified the camera voids the warranty.

Good news is robotshop carries ezb Products and only $9.00 ups shipping to my address. I just ordered a new ezb camera.

Thanks everyone for their reply.