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Camera Lag, How To Dampen The Process?

So im trying to do tracking with wall-e. red ball is sitting right in front of him not moving at all. I start color tracking and his head starts randomly shaking back and forth. I can tell the camera is lagging a fair bit. I was brought the idea of 'dampening' the tracking process. Aka. tell the camera function to make a decision on what to do after 3 frames.

How could I do this?

Or what is another way to stop this shaking?

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what resolution is the camera set for?

Set for the Low or Medium resolution. The high resolution on the wireless camera will lag. This is due to the limited bandwidth over the wireless communication. Medium or Low resolution will have no lag.

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There's a dropdown list next to where you select the camera


when ever I have tried to adjust the resolution ARC would crash. I stopped trying to adjust it but would like to make it work. let us know if you are successful.


I just noticed how jerky the camera is when tracking. every second it moves, then wait a second, then move.

DJ's Wall-e isn't jerky when tracking. how can I smooth it out?

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Search the forum, there have been a few discussions in the past about tracking.

It may be down to the PC, what spec is the PC? It takes a lot of resources for image processing.

Also check your settings, check the grid, check the increment values, sensitivity and object size... also pay attention to the debug in the camera control and see what it's detecting and why it moves then stops then moves again, it should move then stop unless whatever it is tracking is moving pretty quickly.


it tracks fine but it takes for ever to turn a direction. ball goes to the left. 5 seconds with jerky movement to turn to it.


Yes, my overheating problem is solved. I just wanted to know how to fix the tracking.

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Can you explain a little better? I ask because you said tracking is fine in one post but then say it needs fixing in another. What's actually happening? Any chance of a video to show what's going on?


when im trying to track, ill move the ball to a side and the head slowly jerks over to where the ball is.

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Check your servo speeds Check your increment Check your grid Check your tracking speed

You will find you need to play with these settings to find optimum performance


Be sure to keep your processed video frame rate low at 10 fps or lower