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Camera Difficulty And Object Tracking

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Hi again,

I know this is silly or has been answered before but what does this script tab on the camera window do? Does it only run one script or can be configured to run a specific script among multiple ones. And how do I do detect a trained object? Because the JD keeps saying that it sees an object even though it isn't there.



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If done correctly, you can run multiple scripts in one tracking script field such as using control commands (that link to other scripts you have written in your project), to do different functions, such as move a servo and to speak a phrase at the same time ect.

In regards to object recognition, the area you have the robot will need good lighting to avoid any "false positives". You can also try and change the brightness and contrast levels on the camera control settings which may help improve recognition. Check out the tutorials below if you haven't done so already.

You should also keep in mind that when training an object for object recognition, you should use objects with a simple shape, such as a cubes, cylinders, a cup or a bottle ect, for better recognition.


The Tracking Start script will run when the camera starts tracking and the Camera Stop Tracking script will run when the camera stops tracking.... It really is just as simple as that.... So within the tracking script itself you can have run as many other scripts as you want....


Sorry for the late reply and thanks for the help guys!