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Camera Control

I loaded the latest version of ARC and now the program runs slow. If I put the camera on pause everything is as usual however with the camera on, it takes between 2 and 4 seconds for the program to respond to any mouse click. I tried deleting the control and puting in a new one. No help.

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There have been no changes to the camera control. Try rebooting your computer. Also load the Benchmark control from Utilities and see what the CPU value is.

You may be running a third party program in the background that is using your resources.

You can post your EZB file here and I can review it for you.


Buster13.EZB Here you go. It is kinda big. I also noticed that it is okay sometimes but not often. Thanks for any help.


DJ, I tried again tonight but it only got worse. Now the curser freezes for 5 to 10 seconds with or without the camera on. I checked as you suggested and can find nothing running in the background. Task Master performance is extremely low and showes nothing esle running. The system I am on is brand new and very little is on this computer. Can you please take a look at the file and see if I have done something to create this phenomenon. Many thanks!


That's real neat to see other peoples projects. Real cool:) I had fun looking through it. Lots of scripts!

Is the speed different when you are not using Auto as a tracking method?


I think so but will have to check on it tonight when I get home.


Hello, I checked it out and sure enough when on auto it slows down. When on view all seems to be running normaly.


@Bookmaker that is due to the processor speed of your computer. Auto is very slow on slower machines. There is soooooooo much processing in Auto mode, you have no idea. It's scanning for motion, color, glyph (if enabled), and faces. So you can imagine the processing being 4 times more than tracking a single mode.

For vision tracking, you can now see why using a computer is necessary:)

What are the specs of your computer?


6 GB Ram, Intel i5 2300 CPU @ 2.80 Ghz, 64 bit , 1000 GB Hard Drive


DJ, Now my voice activation is going off when no command is given. I tried de-sensitizing it but that did no good. Ever heard of this before?


Sounds like your windows might have some conflicting utility or virus scanner or something installed. Thousands of installations without similar issues. You can make your phrases longer than just one or two words, that will help.

Your machine is very powerful and should be able to handle auto vision detection. We test on a fast machine and a slow machine.