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Camera Connection With Ez-B V4


I have to ask about the camera wifi connection, because untill now (V3) it has been connected via separated wifi builded in camera and for the computer you needed additional stick. Is it possible that Ez-b V4 will have wifi for video streaming from camera as well? If yes, so can I connect the camera which I bought in this year or I have to order the new one with such a "magic" possibility :-) Is any way to connect everything: communication, audio and video streaming only through ez-b V4? Now I have 3 stick in my laptop: for video, for audio and for pad/joystick and it is very awkward in using it. Additionally blutooth connection is working with ez-b only for about 2 meters from laptop. My wall-e really can't reach the sky and what about the sun ;-)


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@Fisha , that's a very exciting feature for me! The camera connection is now directly connected to the ezb v4 and transmits the jpeg stream back to ARC. No need for a seperate dongle. So much Smarter right? Work smart not hard.

Edit : looks like you added more to your question. The old v3 cameras that use a seperate dongle don't connect to the v4 but the old cameras can still connect to ARC.through their dongle. The new V4 camera is made special for the onboard ezb v4 camera connection. While editing it appears Dj posted links to read as well.

Microphones - I recommend a microphone that is Bluetooth headset or earpiece because it wouldn't perform well inside a robot with all the servo and motor noise.


Thanks a lot for your quick answer and explaination. The new Ez-b is amazing and it is what I'm dreaming about, but I was thinking to my self that will be any way to connect my "old" camera to the new stuff ;-) You see, my Wall-e has very small part of eye with camera and I had to cut the original camera PCB in my project in few corners and places to put the camera in original case without damages. So it will be extraordinary difficult to change the camera for new one and it is sad for me, that I can't connect my old camera to new Ez-b. My wife want to order the new ez-b for my birthday, cool yeah ;-)


Fisha, sorry the old camera is not compatible with the ez-b v4 data protocol. You would need the USB Dongle to use the old camera with v4.

Thank you for the kind words about the EZ-B v4. I'm very proud of it :)