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Well, my camera went dead on me. I am sure there is no warenty since I took it out of the case and probably not even if I haden't. Any one out there an electronic genious that might be able to fix it? This is number two for me. This is getting expensive!


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These cameras have been a little troublesome I think. Have you tried powering the camera from the EZ-B direct- without the standard rechargeable battery? I think there is something strange when the camera battery power drops too much and you try to recharge it. I don't think the circuitry is resetting properly and it does not turn on (this happened to me).

A fix for me (and others on here) was to power the camera directly from the EZ-B. When I did that, the camera worked very well. I would highly recommend giving that a try. There are several threads in the forum on doing this.


I agree with kkeast, that is what I had to do to get my camera to work at all.
Thanks guys! It was my computer not the camera.
The cameras have trouble but are always resolved Due to patience:) much like any new technology that you're not used too. I have over 20 robots with these cameras and no problems. I've never seen a defective one, even if someone reported it as defective - its always worked for me. Usually i let it drain until its fully out of juice and it begins working. That's because there are hand shaking negotiations requires over the wireless. The sync and authentication needs to occurs in a clean wireless environment, like any 2.4ghz device.

Of course 2.4ghz is a very polluted frequency. That's usually the issue, not the camera. I sometimes experience issues when I'm doing a presentation downtown or in a big city. Usually latency issues.

Silly wireless:) someday we should hopefully have more frequencies to use:)
@^%$&^@ OK I have the Camera Dissembled and Ready to Connect I know the 2 connectors from the Mini USB are GND and VDC3.7 but where is the Joint that I have to solder the Video output on the white?
the Video instructions are not that clear I know it is the Connector for the Vid out from the USB but Mine dose not have that second Mini LED other then the Blue one

and the Video on Youtube *stress* *sick* *eyeroll* *confused*