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I just got my Bluetooth adapter in the mail today, when I went to connect to the EZB, it couldn't find the device.

It must be the EZB as my phone will connect to the Bluetooth and be recognised easily. The only thing I have done to the EZB since I got it was rewire the power to the two connection points beside the barrel connector. The reason I did this was because the "case" I am putting the EZB into didnt have enough room for the power adapter.

Before I made this mod, I checked to see what lights lit up when there was power to the EZB through the barrel connector, then I put the same power to the connections beside it, the lights lit up in the same way.

Even now, I get a fast flashing red LED from the Bluetooth and slower flash from the Blue LED. Which was the same combination as before.

Please help ASAP, I dont want this $100 investment to be worthless.




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Wow, you sound angry lol. There are hundreds of EZ-B users with no problems, I'm confident we'll get your isolated incident resolved:)

Please click Show Bluetooth Devices and see if there is one labelled Linvor. If so, delete it. Otherwise, we'll need to diagnose your computer. The flashing light on the little board that is mounted on the Microchip is the bluetooth antenna. When it is flashing, that means it is broadcasting.

Unless you've been the only incident of a faulty board, we can diagnose your issue to see if that is the case.

There may also be an incompatible issue with your bluetooth module. Perhaps it does not support the communication protocol? Even though it appears to be using the Windows drivers.
I use a similar looking Bluetooth adapter for my EZB on 2 of my PCs. They work fine on an XP desktop and Vista laptop.
DJ I am sorry for my anger, I did this video in the mists of the problem.

There is no Linvor in my devices area. I thought my dongle might not support the EZB like you said, in which case if anyone uses a dongle can you tell me which one you have?

I dont think the board is faulty, it seems to be fine, just like yours in the videos. But still I'll keep my options open.

What are my options for diagnosing my computer? Please keep it simple, I am not the best with computers.

I'm guessing it could be the bluetooth dongle at the laptop as well, I have used a dongle with BroadCom/Widcomm Drivers that couldn't seem to pickup the Linvor module just like in this case. You could also try reseating the receiving module on the EZ-B by carefully removing it and plugging it back in to see if it just needs a reset. I often have to reseat(reset) mine when I first power up, most likely due to a brown-out when all the servos turn on at the same time.

As a check, have a look at the solder joints beneath the Bluetooth header and the joints on the bluetooth receiving module as well, there could be a cold solder joint on one of the communication lines. Not likely, but stranger things have happened.

As for all the dongles I own, they are from Deal Extreme and I haven't had any issues with them. The only down side about ordering from DX is that you have to wait about 3 weeks for parts. I have both the round and square types from deal extreme and they both work with the EZ-B.

Hope that helps.
United Kingdom
I don't use a dongle as I have Bluetooth built into my Laptop. Try another PC as well and check to see if you have the latest Bluetooth stack insatlled

You will get there in the end I'm sure:)
Good news and bad news...I got the EZB to connect :D but now its ARC that wont.

As it turns out, all that needed to be done was to reset the Bluetooth module by unplugging it, and plugging it back in.

I'll try re-downloading the ARC program later, as I gotta go to work right now. Thanks for the help thus far!

Even better news!

After some problem solving, I discovered the EZB needed a Firmware upgrade. And after about a minute of running the Firmware updater I was playing with servos and trying out all the sensors I had on hand.

Thank you all so much, there truly is a great community here.

No more rage guy video's.

HAHA! I'm glad it's working for you:)