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C ++ Programming

So I have zero experience in C++ programming. I see on Dave Shinsels website maker of the robot LOKI, that he offers his source code for his arduino based I/o control. Can this code be directly used for the ezb4 and just modified for whatever is used or unused on my particular project? Thanks Chris


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You can control the EZ-B v4 from C++, but that is not the focus of EZ-Robot. All other robot products provide limited functionality because they expect the user to have C++ programming experience - or any programming experience at all. EZ-Robot does not require you to have programming experience AND our robots still do 1,000 times more than the others.

The focus on EZ-Robot is to use ARC... Which is a program that consists of thousands of features which have been inspired by our community. The features are graphical with simple configuration screens. The configuration screens allow you to select desired behaviours and functionality for your robot. These functions are not boring old silly things like "drive around the room and avoid walls". The EZ-Robot functions are inspired from real science fiction robots - so imagine having conversations with your robot, or being able to tell him where to go and what to do... Maybe he'll even argue back :)

Oh yeah, and this all works from your mobile phone as well...

If you feel like stepping back into 1999 and programming an Arduino for some reason, we won't be able to help you. However, if you wish to have a robot do amazing things that blows your friends minds... We're here for ya! :D

As you continue to grow with EZ-Robot, you may desire getting into C++ or C# for coding your own behaviours and custom stuff. We provide a really powerful EZ-SDK, which includes a whole bunch of features also found in ARC. There are over 50+ examples of how to use the EZ-SDK as well. I would not recommend diving into the EZ-SDK, as it's way more fun and productive to use ARC.

Either way, welcome aboard!


Hi DJ thanks for the reply. I guess what Im looking to do is have an onboard mini itx computer built into my robot. Im looking for as little external dependencies as possible. I like the scripting function. Im hoping to be able to get to a point with ARC scripting that all I have to do is turn the robot on, on the robot itself and command him by voice. I also would like telepresence control via my iphone which I know is coming. The only reason I mention C++ is because I found "loki" to be an amazing robot that appears to have very little external dependencies. His navigation capabilities, object recognition are unbelievable. Thanks Chris


The owner of Loki is one of our community members:) he's an awesome guy with an awesome robot. The last I heard, he's planned on moving to EZ-Robot and the EZ-SDK. You could get away with using ARC and again, I recommend it.

As for the features you're requesting, ARC will do it. Having the robot fully autonomous with an embedded Mini ITX won't be an issue. It's pretty straight forward once you start using ARC. The learning curve will get you results immediately within weeks rather than years with C++.

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To back up/prove DJs point about the learning curve of ARC, I went from knowing nothing about robotics to knowing everything (and I think it's safe to say I have learned everything - the community will back that up if needed I am sure) about ARC in 6 months, the first 3 months I hardly looked at ARC as I was building the robot.

In the same time I have been attempting to learn C# (on and off), I still know very little.

ARC makes it incredibly easy to build/program a totally autonomous robot with no experience. The community here is a valuable asset and will provide you with all the help you require.


So not to reiterate, but do you think ARC software is capable of doing everything "LOKI" can do? Again when finished I want to power the robot up and have all scripts run. What I mean by that is I want to say "Enable facial recognition" and it will be able to do it. I want to be able to say "motion enabled" and have drive motors ready themselves for a verbal move command. I don't want to have to open a bunch of control windows in ARC and start individual controls. Again power up including mini itx computer boot up and go!

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Yes. You will need to set it all up but that's very simple. voice control is natively built in, every control in ARC is able to be controlled via voice. On load you can run scripts, the scripts can start and stop controls and other scripts.

You can download ARC now and have a play around with it, check out the examples and other people's projects shared on the cloud. In fact, check the showcase out for other people's robots too.

I posted in another topic a while ago when someone asked what I use to control my robots and I said nothing. Basically I built my robots so I turn them on and they run by themselves. The only thing I haven't managed yet (due to time more than anything) is automatically charging itself.


Rich is correct, ARC can do way more than the simple things you asked about. So, to put it this way - the things you asked about are very simple compared to what EZ-Robot can really do :)

I wrote before to you that EZ-Robot allows you to do what robots should do - i.e. what robots do in science fiction movies can be done with EZ-Robot.... I wasn't kidding.

That's why we're making waves - other robot companies are stuck in 1999... We're not.

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I also saw Loki it is a very nice robot.i am going to download ARC when my PC comes back from repairing.hopefully in the future I will be able to to add a laptop to my robot