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Hi guys,

Obviously the EZ Builder software includes the STL files for 3D printing the parts to make the Revolution robots and I have made good progress with JD over the weekend. Although the files (eg the left foot assembly) detail which pins the servos, connect to, there are no instructions for the actual assembly of the parts e.g. how the servos are orientated in the foot or body etc. Am I missing something and they're stored on line somewhere or are they not available yet.

All the best,

Jay :D


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United Kingdom
They are all in ARC:)

Open the JD project example in ARC and you will get your building instructions.

User-inserted image

User-inserted image
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Hi Rich,

I think I did have a look at that section, but from memory it was quite high level .... Kind of ... Add foot .... Add leg etc rather than giving any detail a out screws etc to be used. Not a big problem though I can make bits up lol.

I will have another look in case I was being dumb!


Hey @jayceekeys, Here is a pdf of the assembly instructions for JD's foot. Don't forget to share your JD with the community we would love to see him. Keep in mind that we will be updating the design files shortly.

United Kingdom
Hey Cory,

Thanks for the PDF you're a star!

I will post pics as soon as I can ! Tried printing th front of JD's body last night but unfortunately near the end the printer jumped a tooth and it ruined - that will teach me to upgrade the gears then jump straight into a big print! Working away from home for a few days which will delay progress a little (drat!)