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when i follow the tutorial assemble ,some off the button dont work.

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@Nomad.... I think is either you or your PC again.... because all the buttons work for me just fine....

I think you need a new pc too...
Nomad, "top" is relative to how the robot was build. Bottom, Top, Left, Right, etc... How can there be a top or a bottom? It's relative to how it's built.

This does not require assistance. Please read the instructions when creating a topic to not abuse the "Requiring assistance" button.
@DJ...I think nomad might be actually right this time... When you finish six's assembly instructions the button he has highlighted (Top) in the first post does not flip the robot upright... Top and bottom button provide the same view (six upside down in both views)....
thats correct rr bolt buttons do desame thing upsidedown.
@Nomad... As DJ mentioned, you should not mark this thread as requiring assistance... Only create threads Requiring Assistance if you need help with your EZB4 or ARC software... In other words anything directly relating to EZ Robot that you need help with....
well... it is ez software not?but fine i wont use it anymore.its to confusing for me.
@Nomad... Yes it is ARC software... but you don't need help... You were just reporting a possible bug... You should not have given me credit for this, either... I did not help you....
The buttons for the view work as they should and do not require any modifications:)