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Brookstone Rover Tracking

Wondering how DJ got the Brookstone rover to follow the ball in the Brookstone video. Must be a script? thanks JW:)


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i didn try it myself dont have ez-b yet.

User-inserted image
He did it without the EZ-B just using the Brookstone rover and ARC software.:)
yes whit the keys up/down/left or right
open ARC choose open project choose legacy double click and choose roover.
on all the you see this key ? there you find the answers
Nope nomad18.08 I'm looking for the tracking to set the movement panel. I want the Brookstone rover to follow the ball by moving the robot.
1) Open ARC

2) Select Project Tab from Menu Ribbon

3) Select Add Control

4) Select Robots

5) Choose Brookstone Rover Movement Panel

Now we will add the camera...

6) Press Add Control

7) Select Camera

8) Select Camera Contorl

9) Choose the Brookstone Rover from the drop down

10) Press the GEAR CONFIG button on the camera control

11) Select "Enable Movement Tracking" checkbox (ensure move forward is also checked)

12) Press SAVE on the config menu

13) Select TRACKING tab on the Camera Control

14) Press the COLOR checkbox

15) Select the COLOR tab on the Camera Control

16) Choose your color, and use the slider to adjust the brightness of the object

If you wish to define your own color, use the Multi Color Tracking Option. And you can configure multi colors on the Multi Color Tab of the Camera Control

Doesn't get any easier than that:D

PS, every control has a ? next to the X button. Press the ? to bring you to a help page for that control. For example, press the ? button on the Camera Control and you will be brought to tutorial videos which explains how to use it.

Also, almost every option in ARC has blue question marks next to them. If you click or hover on the option, you will be presented with help.

We couldn't possibly make it any easier:)
ww321 can you post a pic when you found all.thnx
good explanation dj:D
Can't find the GEAR CONFIG button ? Humm Maybe I'm blind or need more functioning brain cells? LOL:)
gear config are these buttons
User-inserted image
DJ quote "We couldn't possibly make it any easier Smile"
gee thanks DJ!
I just updated the ARC yesterday. I was using ver 2012.04.07.01 I'm just learning this version.
Thanks nomad18.08 I see it now ! *eyeroll*
Works now ! Thanks you two! :D