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Was out and about again today and stopped by the local Brookstone in the mall. They had a small EZ-Robot display (about 1.5 feet sqaure by about 4 feet high). It had one six, looked to be inoperable with it's legs folded up on top. and one six kit under it. I don't know if they simply sold out of other stuff or what? I kind of doubt it given the display really could not have held more than a couple of kits. On the back of the display they had a few bins with spare parts. A couple of 4-in-1 Orientation Sensors , a couple of Ultrasonic Distance Sensors, a couple of bags of connector blocks and a couple of bracket servos. All were in the transparent hanging bag type of container. I don't blame them for not putting out too many parts as they would be all too easy to shoplift, small as they are. Now that I think about it, I should have taken pictures. Next time.

Regrettably I didn't get to speak with the guy I knew there as he was swamped with customers and I couldn't wait around very long, but I did overhear him pushing the Six to customers. Just little remarks like "Maybe you'd like a nice robot to go with that". That sort of thing. At least it's a start and I have a local source for the odd servo when needed. No longer have to wait forever for that slow boat from China. Yeah I know it's a plane, that's just a metaphor:) . When I can I want to talk to the guy about ordering parts through that store and if I can order parts not in their inventory or in their on-line catalog. The catalog has a fair selection, but far from total. For my last order I had to go through Stemfinity again to get free shipping and the parts I wanted. At least this time I knew up front it would take a long time. I don't think Stemfinity actually stocks anything.

Just thought you folks at EZ would like to know what's going on in the USA. My little corner of it anyway.


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Thanks @WSB00001! It's nice to hear that ezrobot products have reached your neighbourhood and that local shop sales people are promoting us :)


Brookstone does not have complete inventory at the moment. The stores are slowly receiving product.

Thanks for the update. Many of the brookstone associates are fans of ezrobot, so you might end up making some friends! Introduce yourself next time :)