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I am presently researching Brainwave Technology,specifically Neurosky Mindwave
I hope to control my Robot once I can interface it with EZ B.
Would appreciate any assistance anyone may have with this Headset.



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Now that is neat! When do you get the headset?
need to do some more research first DJ
Thinking of cloning myself :P

Basically as it communicates by bluetooth dongle ins ( http://developer.neurosky.com/docs/doku.php?id=arduino_tutorial&s[]=arduino#powering_the_arduino

recommends hacking dongle ,my query is can I make connection to EZ B
without using pcb's in diagram .

Purchasing the Ezb has allowed me to get rid of so many old fashioned servo cards, a pc, and hours of programming . I now believe there is only one card (ezb ) that interfaces with everything in the robot world.

Won,t be disappointed if doesn't . knowing what you have achieved ,its only a matter of time when it will.

PAT looks like we both have the same idea on using the mindwave on EZB look at the ideas i have on it.
MY interface idea is using bluetooth with I2C buss without hacking the dongle,i found one that has a I2C interface for $20 and i know about the link on the arduino.
We have a Neurosky MindWave and it doesn't do anything. In short, it doesn't work. There will not be support for MindWave in ARC. We have tested it extensively and it is not a reliable or useful product.
I spent some time reading about it... Its a rip.