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Bought Rc Wall-E Without Remote, Is There Any Other Way To Control It?

Hi guys,

I just bought a remote control WALL-E robot known as the "U COMMAND WALL-E" robot. Apparently it doesn't have the remote control. I am wondering if there are any other ways to control it without the infrared remote controller. I want to get a replacement remote, but the company has no help to offer me. Could I buy a different remote for it? If I change the frequency on another infrared remote control with similar functions, could it work? Is there any other ideas I should look into? I will not hack the robot either, so don't ask. I am not planning on buying a new one as these as they are pretty expensive so never mind that:) Please give me some suggestions. Thank you.


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If your lanning on doing an ez-robot convertion(aka. putting servo motors on the arms, motors on the track wheels, etc.) all you have to do is buy the developer kit from the shop and watch the wall-e video.(sorry, just read your not planning this)

If your wondering if theres a different way to control the stock robot all I know of is either finding another remote or doing some coding.

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Save yourself a lot of headaches and find a proper remote, someone on here may have one if they did the EZ-B conversion. (Mine come without remote so I can't help there but there must be someone on here with one they don't use now).

The other alternative is to try and find the correct IR code and use a USB-UIRT (or similar) to control it. I've not found the codes in any of my searches though.