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Board Index In Key Control

Stupid question : How am I supposed to indicate on which board a key control is to be sent ? Thank you.


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If you are talking about having more then one EZ-B and sending a signal to a certain board, look under the config button and look for the "Index Board" drop down.

Hope this is what you mean.


P.S. Sorry, I just now seen you mentioned the "Board Index" in your heading so not sure what you mean ...lol

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In key control you specific the port with prepend board number. Like 0.d0

The lower part of the script manual explains with examples:)
O Lord! I shall read the manual and do my penitence as a lazy reader!:D Thanks.
@elfege- I know how it is. When you get that inspirational fire and your so wanting to get something done you just start scanning mass loads of information when you could have just read a little slower you would have saved so much of the time you were trying to save by hurrying. At least that's how it gets for me. LOL :-) There's a book called "Slow Down and Get More Done". And although I've never read it, the title alone has helped me immensely.
I should read more books then...:)