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Bluetooth Joystick Coupled With Mobile Interface

Greetings everyone!

Is there anyway to use a bluetooth joystick along side the mobile app interface?

I am controlling a sabertooth 2x32 and a Syren 10 with servo pads and when I try to recreate it in the mobile app, it just isn't as responsive as the pads on my laptop. I am running the app on my iPhone 6S plus with the EZB in AP mode.

It would be so nice if there was a virtual joystick for the mobile app. My bot will weigh over 150 lbs and I can't afford for it to be sporadic from the mobile app. I'm trying to avoid using a separate bluetooth joystick setup for movement, but I just can't figure this out.

Thank you for any help!


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No - I haven't been able to find analog joystick support for iOS. And the app is android iOS compatible so they must be same.

Currently, joysticks (even with analog stick) use binary direction and simulate keyboard key presses.


Thank you DJ!

Looks like I'll use a dongle/mega set up for now. Eventually I would love to ditch it and have everything on my iPhone. Happy hunting! I hope you are able to find it.


One more question, do you know when the sound card feature will be able to work with the mobile app?

Thanks again!



Can you expand on that question? What is a "sound card" feature?


Sorry, meant to say "sound board" control.


The sounboard works with mobile app. Perhaps you are using the SoundBoard (pc) which cannot work with the mobile app. The SoundBoard (ezb) works with the mobile app.

All controls compatible with Mobile Interface can be found here:


Is there a way to have the Soundboard EZB control send audio through my iPhone's bluetooth instead of to the EZB speaker? I'm trying to avoid breaking out the audio on the EZB.

Thanks again,



Unfortunately no - at least not at this time. That is something i can look into.


Hi DJ,

That would be great! I don't like the idea of having to break out the leads and having the option would be great. It seems a shame to have to crack into your fantastic creation. Thank you for looking into it!

Most sincerely,