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Bluetooth Disconnects If Left On All Night

Hello all,

I have learned a lot reading everyones posts. Does anyone else have this problem with their bluetooth disconnecting. I have tested this on 3 computers and if left on all night it disconnects and I have to uninstall the bluetooth and reinstall before I can get it to reconnect to the EZ-Borad.

Thank you


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Please post the driver and usb adapter brand and model you are using. A link to where you bought it is good. Some Bluetooth adapter s dont work well. It is strange it works for a limited time then stops. Overnight a Bluetooth can disconnect due to inactivity. Thats reasonable but not needing to reinstall drivers.


I bought the bluetooth from Best Buy version 2.0 not sure of the brand name using Windows 7 drivers, i did not have to use 3rd party drivers. I am going test it again tonight with a servo moving to see if this keeps it from disconnecting. Do you have a brand name that maybe better.

You might be right about the inactivity but it seem like it should always be connected even if inactive as long as the PC and ez-board are on. Or it might be all my wireless devices, wifi cameras, wifi, wireless cameras from EZ-Robot?

BTW I just love my EZ-Board DJ did a very nice job!

Thanks for your help jstarne1.


Uninstall the Bluetooth you are using. You need up to date drivers from the manufacturer. Is there a name on your dongle?


Take a couple pics of your adapter we need to figure out what manufacturer to get a driver from.


No name on the dongle. I will stop by best buy and ask. I should have saved the little box. what puzzles me is that on my laptgop with built in bluetooth it does the same thing. So it maybe the inactivity that causes this issue? Again thanks for your help.


Snap a couple pics I have all best buys dongles on a list


I will have to get your some pics tomorrow because I have to take a part my robot to access it. Again thanks for your help. I wish I had the time tonight but it will have to wait.



Alright. If I had to take a wild guess its a io gear Bluetooth because the others actually say the brand name. Your welcome just trying to help you out..


And thank you jsarne1 for the quick replies.


I'd go with USB power saving feature - or some other power issue.


Thats exactly what im thinking for the disconnect I agree with you there.... but I noticed he said each time he has to uninstall and reinstall the Bluetooth adapter which should not be happening. He also indicated he did not install manufacturer drivers only windows generic device drivers. Before he goes to bed he could turn off power saving and leave the performance profile selected and maybe that will prevent the disconnect overnight. I just dont want him to have the pain of reinstalling the Bluetooth everyday... thanks for taking a look dj. We will see if he reports back his issues are fixed;) -Josh


Hello DJ and jstarne1,

My test failed last night because my windows update was set to auto install and my PC rebooted. I checked the USB power settings and it was set to save power. I have turn that off. Here are 2 pics of the BT Dongle.

BTW DJ, what a fantastic product you created. I love them, I own to EZ-Boards and will get another first of next year. I can't to see your AI with the EZ-Borad. This will really increase your product. Thanks! And thank you both for the quick replies.

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Mern that is a rocket fish Bluetooth adapter. Go to their website and download up to date drivers


Thank you jstarne1,

I looked and can't seem to find a driver for this BT dongle. It looks like Rockfish does not make one for this model? I will keep looking and test this again to night with the USB power setting off anf the auto windows update off. I think it might be the power saver that cuases the BT to disconnect.



jstarne1, thanks for the lag work. I did try to run this and the download failed. With the power saver off on the USB I am going to test again tonight. I think DJ is right and I know you are right too aout the driver but I get headaechs when things don't work. Again thanks for all your help!


Sorry to hear that. Well good luck


The proplem is solved. It looks like it was the power saver oon the USB, thank you DJ and jstarne1! ;)