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Blue Tooth Connection Init Script

Is there a way to have a inti script run as sonn as you powerup and or connect to the EZ-B?


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There sure is...

Shortcut creator can be used to make a shortcut that auto runs a script on load.

Or if you want it to run when connected...

In connection click on the gear icon for settings User-inserted image

Then add in a ControlCommand() for when connected User-inserted image

If you check out the showcase post for Melvin amongst the mass of pages is my first init script (it's huge, I've since condensed it) which should give you a few ideas.



Reason being on the BlinkM's you have to stop the auto program it runs.

I have found that first I have to run the BlinkM control panel whereby I hit the stop script button.

Then I run the script you/Rich gave me which shuts the BlinkM down.

Then my voice commands are used to change the colors of the BlinkM.