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For those of you that might be interested in Blender to visualize your robots or create 3D meshes for 3D printing I cannot suggest strongly enough getting this program. It is free, open source and highly supported.

Some of us use high end programs, i.e. 3D Max, Maya, Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor and on and on, these programs cost as much as a small car. And truthfully the learning curve is as steep for these packages than for Blender.

@Richard R, I went to blender and found their sister site for training. or this one I am going to look at;

Vaya Con Dios Com-padres


Upgrade to ARC Pro

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@pacowang... Thanks dude, bookmarked that site....... Guess I am going to have to roll up my sleeves learn more swear words...:D


I also downloaded Blender about 3 weeks ago. It is not an easy 3D program but with some training (I hope) this should become a good standard for the EZ community if we put our heads together like we do for other challenges.


@ Richard R, from you, I believe I'll see some amazing 3D prints very soon :D

@ Robot Doc, Go to that training link in the first post. The video tutorials are great at bringing you up to speed :D


I like blender - it took a little getting used too, but it's pretty easy once you get the hang of it. By default, those 3d and cad programs reverse the mouse buttons that you are used too. If I had one tip, it is be careful that the mouse buttons are reversed:)

Also, using the laptop trackpad is not recommended - use a real mouse. this is because many of the commands will require holding SHIFT or CTRL or ALT when dragging objects around. The middle mouse button is used often as well, something that we're not normally used too.


@DJ... sure for a guy that was born with 12 brains... I am willing to suck it up and go to school again, though...:P


Aww heck, I guess some of those videos are "Paid Training" I was a little quick on the keyboard


By the way you have to subscribe to get past the first video... Not sure if that requires $ as I haven't checked it out yet...


YouTube has hundreds of blender tutorials - some are out dated becuSe the interface had changed. Thats how I kearned:)

Hot pot of tea, an open and relaxing evening with no interruptions. Oh, and a reasonable goal to achieve - not a toy story movie on your first attempt:)

I was happy to import stl files and create ezbit assemblies for animation.


I'm doing it now. I saw the first tutorial and assumed the rest followed. My apologies. I'm trying to see what those cost at the moment. I'll let you all know in a little bit if you guys don't beat me to it.

Like DJ said, it's not all that difficult once you get in to it.

lo siento Amigos


I'm always at Youtube. Should have thought about that. Thanks DJ

Look what you have done DJ, you created something amazing ez-robot and now you have so many people learning new things.