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Black Friday Bulk Order (For Uk)

Short notice, but I'm going to place an order soon to take advantage of the 20% sale. If anyone from the UK wants to share P&P then let me know and I can make a bulk order.

Cheers :)


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United Kingdom

Simple rules:

  1. You are happy to share P&P from EZ-Robot
  2. Forward shipping is at your own expense (I don't mind arranging it though)
  3. You are happy to pay me via bank transfer or PayPal only and within 10 days
  4. I won't release anything I haven't had full cleared funds for

Also take a look at ez-robot UK Resellers to see if they are offering discounts as well. Even MakerShed may be offering free shipping on ez-robot products (not certain what makershed's Black Friday sale looks like)


Makershed is having a great sale on EZ-Robot Developer's Kit $89.00 dollars...HOLY COW had to get 2

United Kingdom


Dam, I'm based in the UK, and I only just read this. I placed an order for one EZB yesterday!


United Kingdom

Thanks for the heads up @DJ-Sures but the UK suppliers rarely have the right stock stress I just checked Maker Shed and their shipping to the UK is ludicrous... Just ordered my v4 upgrade and VERY excited about it:D


Awesome! You're gonna love it:)